About Michael Medeiros

Michael Medeiros is the founder of http://www.Mjmls.com an independently owned Internet domain. He has obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business, and works as an Independent Real Estate Agent in New Jersey. With the development of Mjmls.com, Michael has performed extensive research into Website Development. Mjmls.com is a Beta released free marketplace for businesses and individuals, allowing consumers to browse nationally or locally by individual state.
Get PHP pages indexed in the Search engines

A simple method to convert files from Php to Html Extensions, on an Apache Server

Optimizing for Visitors not Search Engines

Most people feel that optimizing is to target the search engines alone. In my opinion, this is not the only case. Optimization requires a balance of traffic enhancements and a user friendly atmosphere that provides clear navigation. Most will agree it would be much better to have people accept offerings from a Site, rather than masses of people who do nothing. Here are some general tips and thought to make pages user-friendly.

Starting an Ad Campaign for the Start-up E-business

Online advertising has changed over the years. Some believe the internet came premature and advertisers did not know how to react at first. Methods went from blind and deceptive links, to targeted pay-per-click search engine advertising. Along the way, very few people developed effective advertising campaigns. Some believe a good conversion ratio requires numerous visitors, while others believe concise and targeted ad delivery is effective. When it comes to the startup E-business, I favor targeting strategies and affordability, from start to finish.