About Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall is CTO/COO and co-founder of Fortune Interactive and has over 17 years experience in information technology covering a wide range of specialties including: web design, software engineering, e-commerce solutions, artificial intelligence, and Internet marketing. He has degrees in Linguistics, Philosophy and Theology. Before Fortune Interactive, he was working on a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Virginia working in the area of semantics.
Search and SEO Personalization: Lost in the Shuffle

What is not lost with the personalization of search:

Important components of search marketing have always been and will always be increasing quality traffic, increasing sales, and increasing profit. These are the ultimate indicators of success for any search marketing campaign. The introduction of personalized results for users does not change the importance of these indicators or goals in any way.

The Personalization of SEO and Search

Personalization of Search and its implications for SEO…

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is, How it Works and What it Means

LSI is a methodology for automatic document classification. It examines all the words in all the documents of a corpus and calculates similarity measurements for each document or for individual terms.