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Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications....including DS3-Bandwidth.com and Business-VoIP-Solution .com. Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you're always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.
Gigabit Ethernet – A Fit For Your Organization?

In general 10 Gigabit Ethernet links are deployed in parts of an enterprise or service provider network where large numbers of Gigabit Ethernet links are being aggregated.

Is IP Your Most Cost Effective Choice?

Too often a business assumes that IP based solutions are the best choice to satisfy their communication requirements.

Meeting Your Bandwidth Requirements For SCM Applications

As I pointed out in a previous article, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a complex animal.

How Do You Become a WiFi Hotspot?

WiFi is a very hot commodity worldwide…for both users & those wanting to cash in on the business potential. Below you’ll find some things to consider if you’re one of those interested in the business potential of WiFi. If you have more to add….please do.

Do Not Call List”…Death Knell For Leads Programs?

I’d pay close attention to this for awhile. There are implications for leads programs especially.