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Michael J. Medeiros is the owner of www.Mjmls.com. He has worked as an Independent Real Estate Agent for three years, in New Jersey. He has an extensive background in Business and Marketing. Michaels latest research and attention has been devoted to online business development and the Internet.
Logo in the Browsers Address Bar – Favicon
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Several people have asked me about logo branding with an image that appears in a users address bar. While I personally removed the Favorite Icon from most of my hosts (In the process of creating a more presentable graphic), it is an important factor for establishing a branding for your Website. There are primarily two benefits achieved with using a favicon.

Simple Solution for PHP Includes

I have recently created my first Php program. I wanted to share with others some of the problems that I encountered, and how I finally overcame these obstacles.

Website Promotional Consideration

Promoting a Website is becoming tough. For many, problems are seen at the beginning, when attempting to register a domain name. Once a satisfactory domain name is acquired, the site is lost within a see of competition. Time and money is required to excel above the competition.

PHP to HTML Getting Dynamic Pages Indexed
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Most will agree Php has become the common language for creating dynamic Websites. Although the language is simple and efficient, developers are finding trouble getting traffic to their Php site.

How Do I Get Free Links To My Website
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From past experience, I make link development my first priority, whenever I begin a new site. I have noticed a drastic change in link exchanging, with the development of my latest venture (http://www.Mjmls.com). I still have the same trusty directory script that I used in the past. In addition, I still send out E-mails and share my thoughts and experiences through articles. But there seems to be a certain greed that I cannot come-to-understand. It seems more people want something for nothing today. The frequency of people submitting a site to my link directory, without reciprocity inspired me to write this article. Getting links to a Website is not difficult. Especially when you consider how big the Internet is today. But you must be willing to give, in order to receive.

Online Classifieds – Choosing a Website and Creating Advertisements

The internet has opened a vast number of doors for people to market their products and services. Becoming self-employed and obtaining a national or global audience has never been easier. Many of these quality Classified Websites will provide Entrepreneurs with their own storefront. In addition, their is no or little programming knowledge required for a Website, as the administrator of the Classifieds Website will ensure modern and enhanced features, for consumers to find and purchase products or services. However, there are a few elements to familiarize yourself with, prior to deciding where you want to advertise.