About Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Sr. Manager of Community Marketing at Yahoo! Inc. He has over 10 years of direct marketing experience in driving customer acquisition, retention and engagement through social media and other online media channels to include search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, word of mouth and generating buzz. He also writes about social media marketing in his marketing blog in his free time.
The Social Business Infographic The Social Business Infographic

This social business infographic was created to illustrate the social customer’s impact on business operations. It also encompasses most of what is discussed in my upcoming book, Smart Business, Social Business. The infographic starts off defining the social customer and …

Foursquare Being Used In Unique Ways For Social Awareness

Love to see non-profit organizations like Earthjustice embracing social technologies.  Each time someone “checks in” at an Earthjustice poster in the San Francisco BART stations, one of Earthjustice’s donors will give $10 to support their cause. The ads, featuring images of Lake Tahoe, oil rig platforms, and the little furry endangered pika, can be found throughout the BART stations coming this summer.

The True “Value” Of Facebook Fans

According to a recent study released by Vitrue last week, Facebook Fans are valued at $3.60 each in earned media for brands.

SocialSpark: Changing the Social Media Landscape

I was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion titled, “What Advertisers Want” at the PostieCon conference in Las Vegas, hosted by Payperpost – which has recently changed their name to IZEA

A Common Theme at BlogWorld: Conversational Marketing

This was the first annual BlogWorld conference held in Las Vegas on Nov. 8th and 9th.  It was a two day conference and was filled with marketers, bloggers, PR professionals, etc.  I attended the following sessions:

A Strategic Approach to Social Media Marketing
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A Strategic Approach to Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is more than just implementing social bookmarks on your site in hopes that your content spreads like a virus. It’s more than seeding your content in sites like Digg; and/or trying to game their voting algorithm.

Implementing An Integrated Marketing Plan
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The progression of marketing — moving beyond traditional to include interactive, consumer driven, social marketing has spread like Ebola. It’s often referred to as Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

The Evolving Four Ps Of Marketing

I’m sure you remember sitting in your marketing class in college when your instructor blurted something about the Four P’s of Marketing. If you weren’t paying attention or perhaps missed class that day, here is a quick review.

Cut Your Business Overhead With VoIP
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Business expenses play a significant role in impacting company profits and keeping these costs in line is crucial to the long term success of any venture.

VoIP For Small Business: A No Brainer
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Over the past ten years, the market for VoIP has been driven by a number of factors, chiefly the promise of inexpensive voice communication.