About Melissa Brewer

Melissa Brewer is a freelance writer specializing in online content. She writes articles, tutorials, and online training materials for corporate and small business clients. She has taught classes on web writing in the past and recently published an eBook for writers: The Writer's Online Survival Guide, containing over 230 writing-specific job sources for writers online. She hosts a website for writers, the Web Writing Buzz, at http://sites.hsprofessional.com/webbuzz/index.html and publishes a corresponding newsletter with tips, resources, and jobs for writers at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/webwritingbuzz/.
Restoring Faith in Your Freelance Writing Business

With all of the talk about “consumer confidence” and people around the US returning to “faith” in these troubled times, it’s easy to feel, as a writer, insignificant — and “unneeded.” It’s even easier easy to feel uninspired on the topics you normally write about. How can a contruction writer write about forklifts in a time like this? How can a content writer continue to write when everyone is saying “The web is dead?”

When Clients Don’t Pay, Pay Late…and Other Anomalies of Freelancing
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It’s something that freelance writers don’t like to talk about or hear about, but it happens more often than we like to admit.

Online Writing and Beyond: Writers Will Lead the Content Revolution


It is often thrown around loosely on the web that “Content is king.”

If content is king, then what is a content writer?

Freelance Writers: How to Partner with Your Competition

Freelance writing is an unstable occupation sometimes. We already have to struggle with dividing our time between marketing our skills, writing queries, and seeking out new clientele. Sometimes there’s not enough time; sometimes there’s not enough money.

Web Writing’s Evolution: The Web Content Market for Writers

When It All Began: The First Web Writings

While there weren’t many online writers in the formative years of the web, if you were around then, you know what it was like.

Gifts for Your Career: 10 Things Writers Can Give Themselves for a Prosperous 2002

What would make your writing life a little easier? A little empathy? A lot more assignments? A little organization? Here are 10 things you can give to yourself or pass along to somebody else to simplify, expand, and increase the growth rate of your writing career.

The Truth about Online Content: It’s Time for Writers to Take Back the Web

Google.com, one of the web’s hottest search engines, has indexed over 1,346,966,000 web pages to date. The World Wide Web is officially gigantic, with hundreds of thousands of corporate, small business, and ecommerce websites vying for something more than just the “eyeballs” that web analysts hailed in the 1990’s. In order to create success, websites are now searching for a steady, interactive audience. Why aren’t they succeeding? Could it STILL have something to do with the content?