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Mel Davey is the creator of ImagineNation (http://imaginenation.com/), a full service E-Commerce Application Service Provider, offering Storefronts, Order Management Utilities, and 3rd party credit card processing.
SSL: Myths and Magic

About once a week we get asked if we use SSL certificates. The answer may come as a surprise to our e-commerce friends, considering that we process hundreds of credit card transactions every month.

The Nuts and Bolts of Information Security Part 4: Myths and More

If you’ve been following these articles and thinking about all of the things you should be doing to protect information, your brain is probably on fire by now. This is the forth and final installment and we have only have just touched on some of the possible risks to your vital information.

The Nuts and Bolts of Information Security Part 3 : Design Considerations


In part 2 of this 4 part article on information security, the CISP policy (Cardholder Information Security Policy) being mandated by financial acquiring networks was covered. These mandates were mainly about protecting the credit cardholder and the acquiring merchant bank from having vital information fall into the wrong hands.

The Nuts and Bolts of Information Security Part 2: CISP Mandates

In part of 1 this article, risk management was covered, outlining some of the threats and the need for a risk management plan.

The Nuts and Bolts of Information SecurityPart 1: Risk Management

Are you at risk? If your vital information is, then so are you. While you’re struggling to make sales or generate Web site traffic, managing risks to protect vital information is probably the furthest thing from your mind. None-the-less, as times become more perilous, risk management is an essential part of the on-line presence.

Using JavaScript Arrays for the Product Databases in E-Commerce, Storefront Applications
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A key ingredient in any e-commerce storefront application is the database. This is where information unique to a particular store is archived. One grouping of unique information is product data.

Client versus Server Side Functionality in E-Commerce, Storefront Applications

E-Commerce, E-Business, Internet Shopping, On-line Storefronts, Digital Storefronts, Electronic Shopping, Internet Commerce, Web Commerce, B2B, B2C, etc. are all terms used by marketing to grab a “mind share”. They all refer to buying and selling over the Internet.

3rd Party Processing, PayPal and Others

3rd party processing is a service provided by a third party for facilitating a credit card transaction between customer and merchant. Before the Internet, third party processing was seldom used. With the lure of the Internet, small and home businesses going on-line have had to find ways to take credit cards in order to remain competitive.

Using the E-Commerce Internet …Keeping Records

We know of few entrepreneurs and small business owners that don’t find record keeping an enormous waste of time and energy that should be spent on more productive endeavors. Simply put, maintaining records of any business activity is just a given part of the business environment. Maintaining good and complete records can serve to enhance the business and save a lot of time later on.

Taxing eBusiness

Keep it simple! You’re going to get tired of hearing us say that but, we can’t stress the point too much. Your Internet store is not for you; It’s for your customer.

The Definition Of A Good Site

Site design: defining a good site
In the previous article we pointed out that web sites don’t lend themselves to the clear distinctions of text, visual, or verbal medium like print, radio, television, and movies do. Sites tend to be a mix of all medium. That not withstanding, there are four universal elements to making a good website.

Your Guide To Successful Site Design

The Path to Online Success
Online success begins and ends with the commitment that’s made by the merchant. It’s that simple. While the Internet is still in its infancy, the baby has stopped crawling and has begun to walk. Let’s not go to the theoretical of how a web site can benefit you.

Promotion Techniques For Your Site

Previously, we covered search engine listing as one way of attracting visitors to your site and the need for the listing to appear in the first couple of page returns. For the new guy on the block though, unless you have something entirely unique to offer, getting top listings is not always easy nor is it necessarily immediate.

Tools For Site Design

Site design: layout
Now that you know the four the elements of good site design, it’s time to put the knowledge to work. The objective of the website will dictate the content which in turn imposes conditions on navigation. Navigation, in turn, imposes conditions on the pages themselves. This is counterintuitive. One would expect pages to set the direction of navigation.

Getting Publicity Through the Newsgroups

With everything one hears, after a while you start to think that news groups are just for posting porno pictures. Not true. news groups almost define the niche market. There are over 40,000 newsgroup categories on just about every subject you can imagine.

Entering The Micro Markets

Internet stores have a distinct advantage over brick and mortar stores: The cost of doing business is less. Leasing space in a viable location and staffing that space are major expenses for the brick and mortar merchant. In contrast, the Internet store is frequently comprised of one person with a desk top computer spending just a few hours each week.

Converting visitors to customers

Whenever we make a purchase, there is a three stage mental process: want, need, and rationale. A website is unique because it can direct and focus a shopper on each of these stages. The website can be as effective as, and more efficient than, a full color brochure. And, the website has the added advantage of providing a shopping cart to respond to an impulse buy.

Finding Niche Markets

Nearly everyone has a hobby, special skill, avocation, or burning interest in something. These interests can point the way to a niche market that can be exploited for earning a little extra money using an Internet storefront. Read below about the Woodburner.com business as a prime example of turning a hobby into a viable business.

Make Your Niche Market Work

Internet stores have a distinct advantage over brick and mortar stores: The cost of doing business is less. Leasing space in a viable location and staffing that space are major expenses for the brick and mortar merchant. On the other hand, the Internet store is frequently comprised of one person with a desk top computer.

Taking Credit Cards

Unless you have a special situation, there is only one way to run a successful store on the Internet: Take credit cards.

Shipping Advice

Keep it simple! You’ve heard this from us before but, we can’t stress the point too much. Your Internet store is not for you; It’s for your customer.

Search Engine Tips For Newbies

Back in 1996 when ImagineNation.com was first getting started, all you had to do was build a web site and visitors would immediately show up to see what was going on. Even though our business focus has changed, we still maintain some of the early web pages because those pages are still linked to and used by certain organizations.

Post Process Detection Helps You Avoid Fraud

Unfortunately the holiday shopping season brings with it an increase in the unauthorized and fraudulent use of credit cards to pay for on-line purchases. Fraudsters and hackers will to try and take advantage of you during this season in the hope that you will be too busy to notice a bad transaction.

The Basic Elements Of Site Design

Site design: mechanics
Books are a text medium and, in spite of its visual content, television is regarded as a verbal medium. Movies, on the other hand, are a visual medium. To test this, close your eyes while watching a television program and do the same while watching a movie at a theater. Compare the time intervals where there is no dialog. You’ll find that with television, the dialog is nearly continous.