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Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing: Your Questions Answered

So, if you have followed all of our Usability articles, outlining how to create useful content, layout, and navigation, then you may feel your website is set and ready and usable. WRONG! Well, it may be usable, but how do you know for sure? Many top companies spend thousands of dollars to design their websites and then never even actually look at them themselves to see how usable they are.

Website Usability and You

In creating your website, your number one concern should be Ease of Use. “Usability” is the term used to refer to how effective your website is for visitors.

Website Content Usability

In recent articles we have discussed the importance of layout and navigation in creating a website with a high usability rating. However, all the best navigation in the world will do you no good if your visitors are navigating around bad content. Beauty may be skin deep, but usability isn’t just about looking good.

Website Usability, Breadcrumbs and Left-Side Navigation
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The very basis of usability is the user. How can you make sure your website is designed with your user in mind? You must first consider the natural behavior of your user in order to understand how your user will experience your site. This month, we will talk in more detail about the psychology and behavior of the human Internet customer, particularly in reference to navigation. The popularity of the Internet may have only exploded over the last decade, but there have already been numerous studies into human behavior and preferences regarding website surfing.