About Maximilian Cannon

Maximilian has been a licensed Cosmetologist for almost 20 years, including ownership of quality salons across the U.S. for over 15 years. He has worked as a platform artist and educator for several haircare companies, and was awarded the prestigious Paul Mitchell Medal of Honor. Maximilian used these experiences in formulating & producing the Oasis Haircare line, as well as, the Fat Lip Makeup Company, which he promotes online at the website: Maximum-Beauty.com

Maximilian is well-studied in all aspects of web production, server maintenance & computer programming. His passion is Internet marketing in all forms.
Yahoo vs. DMOZ – Directory Battle!

Where, why and for whom do web directories exist? Some of the hottest debates about web search revolve around criticisms of both the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ ODP (Open Directory Project). Often these are general level complaints, to wit – link rot, inappropriate placement, difficulty in getting considered for a listing, their inability to keep pace with the growth of the web, lack of direct communication, just to name a few.

Yahoo & Google Split Market Down Middle

As Yahoo! search announced that they would no longer be utilizing Google’s search results in their query returns, they began launching their very own search technology, to wit – Yahoo Slurp. Now what does this transition mean to the dynamics of SEO and ad marketing on the web? It means that almost one-half of the entire search results returned on the web is now using a different technology other than Google’s PR system to present your website to the world.

Secret Search Engine Insider Statistics…

Which Search engines provide the most relevancy for website ad producers & SEO specialists? I believe the answer is in letting the market (the end user) decide which search engine brings the most meat to the table. This can easily be determined by viewing the little known unique visitor statistics of the top search engines. Could knowing which search engines are receiving the most traffic aid you in SEO, and thus increase traffic to your own website? The very thought is extremely tantalizing.

Are Meta Keywords Back In For Search?

Over the last few years web producers have been told that ‘Meta Keywords’ hold only the slightest consideration in search engine page rank, if at all. Yet we all still post these strings of meta keywords and discuss at length in SEO threads the appropriate way to display them. Some webmasters use commas, some say no spaces between the commas, while others advocate long logical strings of words to match natural search queries.