About Matthew Drouin

Matthew Drouin is a published author with his book entitled Web Hosting and Web Site Development: A Guide to Opportunities. A graduate of the University of Hartford; Matthew received a BS in Computer Science and then started to chase all his dot com dreams. His love for many different programming languages has recently lead him to start spending the majority of his time writing open source tutorials which are published on his site OpenSourceTutorials.com.
Useful Perl Scripts With Regular Expressions

Most computer users, especially software engineers, have had a need to modify multiple files to either add a line of text, modify a line of text, or completely remove a line of text. The problem is that there never seems to be a piece of software out there that can help you with this problem. Some programs let you get close to doing what you want but in my experience none ever let you do exactly what you want; so a few hours are spent opening each file and editing them manually.