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Matt Bailey is the founder of SiteLogic, a website marketing consulting company. Matt has been in the SEO and website marketing industry since 1996, and instructing others how to do so since 1999. Matt is a regular speaker for the Search Engine Strategies Conferences, both in the US and International Shows, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Advertising Federation.
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I’ll tell you why I love what I do. I love helping other people be successful in their business. And this industry provides the tools for making an impact. Right now.

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I am a child of the 80’s. Play some New Order, Yes, or Van Halen and you’ve got my attention.

Social Media Marketing: Keep Your Pants On

There has been a proliferation of articles about using social media and how marketers see this as a vast new land of opportunity.

Unfortunately, the majority of stories also feature how marketers fail miserably at establishing trust in these social media spaces, and most of that has to do with the attitude of the advertisers.

Social Networking – Your’e Known by the Company You Keep

This thought provoking article by Jennifer Laycock (

Are Your Social Networking Connections Hurting YOUR Reputation?

) brings to mind the saying of my grandmother’s: ” You are known by the company you keep.”

While some may dispense with this as old-fashioned advice in the new socially-networked world. I find it to be true now more than ever.

Are You Creating an Experience for the Customer?

While browsing websites for gift ideas, I am constantly seeing the awesome potential of multimedia. Now that there are multiple social websites for almost every kind of media, the potential for customers to be exposed to your experience is limitless, and really inexpensive.

No Goals, No Analytics!

I was reviewing some old articles on analytics when I caught last summer’s DM News Report on Analytics (PDF). I was impressed at the amount of information contained about the business case for analytics, all coming from some very intelligent people. The great thing was the consistent thread of thought throughout the entire report: Analytics is growing – and it’s more than web stats – it is marketing intelligence.

Getting Links Without Trying

Linkbaiting is a hot topic right now. However, one of the funniest definitions of creating linkbait was to “forget linkbait, think about the user first, and develop content for them.” Sounds noble enough, yet I find it extremely humorous. Mainly because of the language involved.

Marketing: Content, Context, Community

In a previous article I talked about the 3 C’s of Marketing as explained at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape

Robots for the Rest of Us

The robots.txt file.

Nothing can be more confusing to a website owner as the robots.txt file. Born out of technology in the programming world, the robot.txt file is nothing more than a server command for search engines. Unfortunately, while search engines understand the file, humans have a difficult time understanding machine language.