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Mathew Ingram is a technology writer and blogger for the Globe and Mail, a national newspaper based in Toronto, and also writes about the Web and media at www.mathewingram.com/work and www.mathewingram.com/media.
Talk About Web 2.0

Just a quick reminder of the mesh meetup we’re having at the Irish Embassy on November 15th in Toronto (that’s a bar, not the real Irish Embassy, for anyone who thinks the bright green country filled with leprechauns might have seceded when they weren’t looking).

Coke And Free Advertising

After the amazing Diet Coke-Mentos video from the guys at Eepybird.com exploded onto the scene thanks to YouTube (and later Revver), there was a sharp divide between the reaction from Mentos and Coca-Cola.

And Vista Has Great Packaging Too!

I don’t want to be a gigantic wet blanket or anything, but looking at the top of Techmeme right now makes me despair for the future of the human race.

Advertising With Mark Cuban

Steve Rubel over at Micropersuasion has a brief interview he did with Megaphone Mark Cuban, billionaire media mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, in which the two talked about things like the “Long Tail” of the Web (and Mark’s own coinage – the “vert ramp” – and how it affects new media. As is his wont, Mark shot from the hip about what the future holds and where advertisers should be putting their money, saying:

Is Intel Desperate?

Okay, someone explain this to me: Intel, a company that makes microprocessors, is backing and selling - but not profiting from – a suite of “Enterprise 2.0″ software for companies that includes blogging software (Typepad), a wiki (Socialtext), and RSS feed software (Simplefeed and Newsgator), called Suite Two.

Google And Print Advertising?

In newspaper boardrooms across the United States, the news that Google wants to get into the print advertising business is probably causing a mix of emotions – a combination of those old favourites, fear and greed.

A Case Study Of Web Success With Facebook

If you’ve never come across Startup Review before, it’s a blog written by Nisan Gabbay, who until recently was an analyst with the venture capital group Sierra Ventures.

Virtual Billboards With Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

As with any self-respecting blogger, I hate to say anything positive about Microsoft because they are synonymous with evil (just kidding!), but I must admit that the latest update to Virtual Earth – or whatever we’re supposed to be calling it nowadays, which is probably Windows Live Web Search Satellite Virtual 3-D Planet – is pretty damn cool.

Web 2.0 Lowers The Barriers

Here’s a Web 2.0 story for you: I got an email pitch from a guy named Kevin the other day, letting me know about the Web-based classified ad service that he and his buddy Chad put together in their spare time. Called Listifieds.com, it’s based in the thriving metropolis of Bowling Green, Kentucky (which I remember primarily because it’s where John Prine says his grandmother taught school in the great old song Grampaw was a Carpenter).

Marketers Going After Mommy Bloggers

We all know that marketers are targeting bloggers, hoping to get some word-of-mouth going.