About Mathew David

Matthew David has been developing Flash-based applications for more than six years. Examples of his work can be found at his web site http://www.matthewdavid.ws. Matthew's most recent contributions include content for Flash 5 Magic and Inside Dreamweaver 4. You can also see him popping up in many online magazines such as Sitepoint.com, Windowatch.com, and UDzone.com.
Runtime Support for GIF and PNG Files

Many of you are already familiar with Flash’s runtime support for SWF and JPG files. If this is new to you, runtime support simply means that you can load a SWF or JPG movie dynamically after the main Flash movie has been compiled. Flash 8 now allows you to load GIF and PNG files as well.

Three Tips to Prevent User Frustration From Killing Your E-Business!

I’ve just spent a frustrating couple of days with an e-marketing “service” which shall remain nameless. The sad fact is that they’ve been down for well over 24 hours now. When they come back up, I’m likely to cancel my account. So I’m writing this article to warn *you*, the e-marketer, about what *you* need to be doing to keep this from happening to you. User frustration kills e-businesses! These tips apply to you whether you run your own servers, or buy some kind of service from a vendor.