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Mary Anne Hahn has written numerous articles on writing, the writing life, business and career topics. She is also editor and publisher of WriteSuccess, the free biweekly ezine of ideas, information and inspiration for people who want to pursue SUCCESSFUL writing careers. Ti subscribe, mailto:writesuccess-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .
Do You Really Want to Get Published? Write for Trade Magazines!

Have you been repeatedly snubbed by consumer magazines? Do you have little to show for your research and querying efforts other than a folder of form rejection letters? If your writing dream includes earning a halfway decent to excellent income writing magazine articles, there are editors at thousands of publications worldwide who would open their doors (and their wallets) to work with you. You’ve probably never heard of most of them, but they have loyal readerships. They’re called “trade magazines.”

Write for Your Audience

Magazine and book publishers have always realized the necessity of keeping their target audiences in mind with every article, book or issue they produce. They’re businesses, after all, and readers are their customers.

How to Be a Prolific Writer
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Recently, the administrative assistant in our department came to me.

Talk, Talk, Talk–When Do We Write?
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am a member of that large group of Americans known as baby boomers, the post World War II generation. Although I only have a fuzzy memory of Howdy Doody, and am too young to have been one of the first Musketeers, I can remember transistor radios, pedal pushers, saddle shoes, and my Dad’s brand new 1960 Ford Galaxie 500. Sharp car.

Discipline is *Not* a Four-Letter Word

When I sit down to write an article for my ezine, WriteSuccess, and draw a blank as to what to write about, I reread my ezine’s mission statement for guidance: “Ideas, information and inspiration for writers who want to launch and/or maintain SUCCESSFUL freelance careers”

The Dreaded “M” Word, and Why We Need to Do It

You offer a superior writing/editing service. You’ve written an awesome book. Your newsletter is arguably one of the best of its kind.

But if no one knows about it…if no one knows about *you*…

Your Own Ezine? The Pros and Cons

No doubt about it–having one’s own ezine is an excellent promotional tool. Whether you sell goods or services, publishing an ezine is perhaps one of the very best online ways to develop and maintain a potential, targeted customer base.

Self-Editing Your Writing

Much of what I do at my “day job” involves editing what others have written. Eliminating typos, repairing damaged grammar, replacing missing or misused punctuation–I relish editing, in a roll-up-my- shirtsleeves and rub-my-hands-together sort of way.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

One of the characteristics that I am *not* known for, and which I have spent a lifetime trying to develop, is patience. I’m an “instant gratification” kind of girl when it comes to most things.

Letting Your Writing Simmer

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about writing–and one of its most difficult aspects for many of us–is what I’ve come to call the “simmering process.”

Writing From Your Garden of Experience

Who knows how many times I read these words of advice before I finally heeded them? Heck, I didn’t want to write about my boring old life–I wanted, through writing, to *escape* from my life, or to *change* it!