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Marty Milan works with businesses to help them learn how they can access their future money now. Aside from factoring, you can read on various topics such as Lawsuit Funding, Structured Settlements, Selling Your Notes and more at: www.cashflowaccess.com Marty@cashflowaccess.com
Growing Faster Than Your Cash Flow? Let Factoring Fund Your Next Expansion!

Why wait weeks or months to get paid by your clients when you can access your money in a matter of days by factoring your invoices. When a business factors their invoices, they are allowing a third party to purchase their invoices at a discount price. This discount is considered the third party’s fee.

To Factor or Not to Factor?

The purchasing of accounts receivable (invoices) is generally known as factoring. Businesses can sell their invoices to companies known as factors. Although not all businesses are familiar with factoring, historians claim that factoring dates back to the ancient Roman civilization making it one of the world’s oldest methods of finance.