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Stop Analyzing, Start Promoting Your Site!

As web promotion grows more and more popular everyday, so does over analyzing your stats, rankings, page rank, popularity rank, etc. We are all caught up in an analyzing funnel that seems to have no end in sight.

For newer sites, Web Marketing depends on “titles” & “links”!

We all start out the same. Some have budgets, some don’t. The one true factor out there is that we all want to expose our business. For 99% of us, starting out in the world of web marketing means a few things:

The Buzz About Links – What About Yours?

These days, if you pay any attention to even a small portion about what goes on with web advertising, you’re sure to hear about getting more links for your own web site.

Creating A Quality Web Site Design!

In this article, I will attempt to cover the basics of creating a great quality web design template for your site. Now it’s a known fact that the layout or “eye candy” as I put it will determine whether your visitors will stay more than 15 seconds or they will just become another statistic.