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Duplicate Content: 4 Views On Why You Should Care

One of the biggest questions in Internet marketing at the moment is what exactly constitutes duplicate web content, and how people using private label articles, can avoid being penalized.

Why You Don’t Get Things Done – And How You Can.

We humans are a funny lot. We are so diverse that any generalization usually has more exceptions than you can count. And that generalization is no different!

Does My Back-End Look Big In This?

There is no rule that says you have to have back-end products. There are many people online who sell a single product and make good money at it. But, in truth, they are wasting a valuable resource, and making a lot more work for themselves, as we shall see.

How to Start Your Own E-zine Without the Tears

For many people, starting an e-zine is the epitome of what online marketing is all about: start up, get subscribers, sell them loads of stuff and retire to the Bahamas.

The Unwritten Rules of Advertising on Forums

There are thousands of newsgroups and forums online. They provide a fascinating and useful insight into the minds and methods of others who share our interests. They also act as an amazing resource for finding out almost anything you need to know.

The WISCDAR process

We all live in a communication age. Never has it been more important to be able to put our points across in as compelling and persuasive a way as possible. Yet the idea of writing a sales letter, job application, report or internal memo can still fill us with dread.

Jumping at the Sun

How many times have you learned a new word, only to immediately see and hear it everywhere you look?

Opportunity is just like that. It sits, quietly lurking, just below the edge of your consciousness, and just occasionally, pops its head up for a look around.

It’s All In The Mind.

How hard do you practice to be good at what you do?

Golfers swing clubs for hours on end. Tennis players knock endless balls across the nets. Business people rehearse presentations over and over.

Do Your Best to Better Someone Else’s.

If you do your best, you can’t go far wrong.

So said out grandparents and our parents. Boy were they wrong!

Do You Play The G-Gs?

Horses aren’t the only game in town. That kind of ‘g-g’ is a gamble. My kind of G-G is a dead-cert winner.

Powerful Prompts and Super Spurs.

What motivates you to get going?

Some people seem to be driven. Others stare into space. What is the difference. Are their brains wired up differently? Or is there a secret?

Time in a Bottle

“If I could save time in a bottle.” Jim Croce spoke for all of us when he sang that line over a quarter of a century ago.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had more time!”?

Making sales online is easy, isn’t it?

You’ve read the book, seen the ads, heard the rumors. Making money online is easy, isn’t it?

Well yes, it is. Maybe.

Are You Flying to the Stars or Staring Into Space?

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. >>> Stephen R. Covey, motivational writer.

The Best Internet Marketing eBooks I’ve Bought This Year

Before I start waxing lyrical about these three books, I must state for the record that this is my opinion only. I have bought maybe 15 or 20 ebooks this year (yes, I truly believe in investing in my own education), and these three stand out in my mind. Another reader, with other passions may choose differently.

10 Things to Think About When You Run Your Own Seminar or Workshop

Experts on all kinds of subjects, at some point in their careers, often try to run seminars or workshops. There are lots of reasons why they do it, but the main one is money. These can be very lucrative money- spinners if done correctly.

Have You Got The Energy For MLM?

If you have a dream of running your own business you have almost certainly thought about network marketing or MLM.

Success Stories – 12 Doers Share Their Secrets. Interview #10: Peter Twist

There are lots of ways to make the Internet work for you. Although selling a product online is the most obvious business model, it certainly isn’t the only way.

How to Create Your Own High-Octane Info Products.

Like most things in life, there are ‘secrets’ to being successful. Creating info products is no different. And like most things, the ‘secrets’ are there for all to see.

Are You Achieving Your Potential?

Sometimes I think that we have our priorities back to front. Achievement is seen as the pinnacle to aim for.

The Four Work Stresses of Christmas.

It is December 14th, but the plants in my garden would hardly let you believe it. Geraniums are still in flower, roses are still blooming and my magnolia tree has yet to lose a single leaf. London may be basking in peculiarly unseasonal weather, but Christmas is nearly upon us.

Do What You Always Do and You’ll Get What You Always Got

There used to be a computer game called ‘Leisure Suit Larry – Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.’ How appropriate that concept is to the vast majority of businesses: they are looking for customers in all the wrong places.

Do You Practice Active Decision Making?

Many years ago when I was young and callow, I received an invitation to attend a ‘Decision-Makers’ conference. Trouble was, I couldn’t make up my mind whether to go or not. I didn’t.

How Often Do You Give People A Good Telling On?

A fellow I knew always boasted about how he kept his staff under control with an iron fist. “Nothing motivates them more than a good telling off,” he would proclaim.