About Martijn de Visser

Martijn de Visser focuses on User Experience Design at Lost Boys in Amsterdam. There he works on media-rich online campaigns, Rich Internet Applications and desktop tools for clients such as KLM, Heineken, Nuon, Volkswagen and Hi. He maintains a blog at www.martijndevisser.com and works on various projects such as FLV Player and Screenweaver Open Source.
Syncing Entourage & Nokia 6680 on OS X
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At work, I switched from Windows to Mac about 4 months ago. So far, I’m very happy with that. The MacBook Pro I got from work is an Intel Core 2 Duo machine, the OS X interface is beautiful and virtually all software I need runs on Mac.

ImageLoader class for Flash 8

This piece of code has been lying around for some time. I wrote it due to the fact that Flash 8 doesn’t smooth dynamically loaded images by default.

Using HTTP Authorization headers with Flash
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I needed a way to load XML data from a password protected source (user: testuser, pass: testpass), preferably without a login popup.