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Mark Smock is President of www.business-buyer-directory.com, the FIRST international business buyer directory of its kind. Business Buyer Directory provides a non-traditional means for proactive business buyers to locate businesses for sale worldwide that meet their exact registered purchase criteria
2 Steps to Sales Success

You have just walked out of the office of a potential new major customer that you have anxiously been waiting to meet with for weeks and again, you realize you have no idea what is going to happen next as a result of your meeting.

What IS the Difference Between Marketing and Sales?

There seems to be a never ending argument among marketing and sales professionals as to what really is the difference between marketing and sales functions.

6 Common Mistakes in the Sales Hiring Process

Is lack of sales results, more sales training costs, months of unearned salary and damage to your company’s image or reputation your company’s method of NOT finding good salespeople? For most companies it is!

Six Errors to Avoid in Buying A Business

For most business buyers, pursuing a viable business to acquire is a once in a lifetime event. Because of the infrequency and the complexity of pursuing a business to purchase, buyers typically risk unnecessary financial resources and waste valuable time to find their “ideal” acquisition. With a complete understanding of business purchase process fundamentals, a business buyer can effectively reduce the odds of not finding the right company or paying too for one.

Leveraged Information = MORE Website Traffic

If leveraging unique or proprietary information is one of your fundamental strategies to increase unique visitor traffic to your web based business then it is important to understand seven fundamental information perspectives you can use to give your company the edge it needs to effectively compete in the marketplace.

A Pass / Fail Test for Any New Market

If you are considering entering a new target market, with an existing or new product or service, it makes sense to first systematically analyze the market in question via some fundamental market evaluation criteria. It is not only rational but most cost effective to determine if a new market pursuit makes sense for your company before any significant resources are further applied to the effort.

Do Not Make These Top 10 Selling Mistakes!
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Achievement of selling “excellence” is most often earned rather than learned. Outstanding professionals continuously seek to hone their skills from mistakes made and lessons learned in pursuit of success. Professional sales people in search of extraordinary selling competence are no exception.

Better Listening Skills = More Sales

Today’s business environment is intrinsically tied together by ongoing information exchanges between two people. This personal communication is most often facilitated by the spoken word. Understanding this information, as it flows within a dialogue between two people is fundamental to improving one’s selling effectiveness.

8 Must Questions to Ask in Every Sales Situation

Solving people’s and organization’s problems is ultimately what business is all about. Effective selling involves defining your existing or potential customer’s problems. If properly “sold”, a sales prospect will have his problems solved with your company’s products or services. To be successful at selling, you must systematically approach customers with a proven repertoire of qualifying questions that allows you to clearly understand your customer’s current business challenges.

25 Ways to Find Companies to Buy

When you start your program to purchase your “ideal” company, you quickly realize that your ultimate success will depend on two primary skill sets: 1) Your ability to FIND viable companies that are for sale, and 2) Your ability to effectively qualify the potential acquisition investment once found.