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Executive Director Mark Schaefer has 28 years of global sales and marketing experience and advanced degrees in business and applied behavioral sciences. He is an award-winning business writer, university lecturer and innovator, receiving seven international patents for new product ideas with Fortune 100 companies. He teaches at Pellissippi State College in Knoxville and serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at Rutgers University. http://www.businessesgrow.com
Social Media Sewage … And Hope Social Media Sewage … And Hope

Editor’s note: This post was written by WebProNews blog partner Mark Schaefer, originally for his blog {grow}, and there are references to that blog (as opposed to WebProNews) in the post. I’ve started and trashed this article at least six …

Why SEO Disgusts Me Why SEO Disgusts Me
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Before my SEO friends get their panties in a wad over today’s headline, let me emphasize that I understand the practical value and wisdom of basic Search Engine Optimization practices. There are many prinicipled people in the field doing good and useful …

Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat
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It’s time to step up and address one of the great myths pervading the social web — that an essential best practice is decentralizing social media marketing and pushing it down to employees at every level of the company.  This is a philosophy …

Finding the Balance Between Personal and Professional on Twitter Finding the Balance Between Personal and Professional on Twitter
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I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Bliss PR Agency in New York City this week and the staff loaded me up with questions. Here was a particularly interesting one: What is the proper balance between personal and …

How To Save Your Butt When The Social Media Bubble Bursts How To Save Your Butt When The Social Media Bubble Bursts
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I am going to go on a rant. But first, while I still have my composure, allow me to tell you a short, yet relevant, story. I started my corporate career in the midst of an economic downturn for my …

Is Twitter for Everybody?
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This is the question that eventually gets asked by every person and every company trying Twitter for the first time.  In the height of your initial frustrations, you may be wondering … is Twitter really for me? Most social media …

Please Take Accountability For Your Social Media Experience
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Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s a trend, but I’ve noticed a few posts lately with a theme of how social media is becoming a mind-mucked echo chamber of mind-numbing sameness.

If you’re in this camp, I’d like to give you a figurative kick in your sweet patootie.

Will Augmented Reality Leap-Frog the QR Code?
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There continues to be a steady buzz about QR codes, those bar code-looking thingys that can be scanned by a smart phone to link you to added content, a website or perhaps even a coupon at the point of purchase. Here’s the Wikipedia definition.

4 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

A few months ago my friend Dr. Ben Hanna led an extensive statistical study to discover the optimal tweeting strategy by running matched tests of tweets over a period of weeks. He uncovered some very interesting ideas that will help you get more out of every tweet!