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Do I Search for database, data-base or data base?

There are quite a few compound words that are sometimes found combined into one word, sometimes separated into multiple words and sometimes connected together with a hyphen. If you are searching for one of these words, is it important which format you use to search?

Voyeur Heaven: Finding Unprotected Video and More
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We’ve all got a little voyeurism in us. That’s why the recent article, Clearing Google Search History to Maintain Your Privacy sent my visitor counts off the charts :).

Google Video Is Like Flickr On Steroids

Google Video lets you search through transcripts of television content, and if what you are looking for is found it will show you the relevant transcript sections along with a still image clip of the broadcast.

Maintaining Privacy in Google
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One of the most common questions I see about Google is “How do I clear my search history from the Google search box?” What’s everybody guilty of :) ? If you’re one of the many it seems that have search terms you’d prefer to hide from other users of your computer, this article is for you.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Satelitte View through Google Maps
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I just can’t get enough of Google Maps satellite view! Everyone I tell about it is consumed with looking up their childhood neighborhoods, their friends’ homes, favorite destinations and the homes of celebrities.

Google Q&A
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Google Search now has new functionality that will attempt to answer what it perceives to be a question that you’ve keyed into the search box. It’s called Google Q&A.

Google’s Specialized Number Search

When you search for a number in Google, it’s not necessarily going to do it’s normal web search, looking for pages with that number in them.

Google Speeds Up Firefox Searches
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When you key a search term into Google it often has a pretty good idea of what it is you are looking for. For example, if you key in “microsoft” it’s likely you are looking for the Microsoft.com page, and Google puts it up in the top search results position.

Searching TV Shows with Google Video
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No, the Google Video search tool is not for finding naughty videos-use Yahoo Video for that (please, if you have kids, set on it’s filter). Google Video, on the other hand, is a product of Google Labs and it enables you to search their growing archive of televised content, by looking for words in the transcript.

Search Google for Stock Quotes
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I know, I know, free stock quote sites are everywhere. But, since you use the Google search field for just about everything else, why not use it to get your stock quotes as well… To retrieve the quote, just enter into the search field the operator “stock:” followed by one or more stock symbols:

Google Search Cheat Sheet

I know this isn’t much of a tip, but hey, it’s Easter weekend so this is all I’ve got. Google has a Web Search Cheat Sheet on their site …

Sending Gmail To Your Mobile Phone
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Did you know you can have Gmail forward your new mail to your mobile phone? It’s very simple, and takes just minutes to set up. Don’t want all your email sent? Apply a filter to what you send.

Dont Overlook the Google Deskbar (I didnt say Toolbar)
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There’s plenty of talk about the Google Toolbar, but I don’t really hear much about the Google Deskbar. It’s a shame, as it’s really a great tool, does many of the same things as Toolbar, yet takes up only about an inch of your taskbar. I’m not sure as to why the lack of awareness-maybe because Google is really pushing the Toolbar.

Uncovering the Google Directory

Google users are so used to using the search field to find their pages that they often overlook the Google Directory system.

Youve got Questions? Googles Got Answers
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Got a question you can’t find the answer to? On any subject?

Using Gmail as a 1GB Virtual Drive
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Need another reason to get your Gmail account? How about using its generous 1GB storage capacity as a virtual drive to save and retrieve files directly from inside Windows Explorer, accessing it from a new drive you’ll find under My Computer?

Searching in Web Page Titles for a more Targeted Query

You know how it goes. You try searching for something and you pull up hundreds of thousands of sites and you sit there pecking away at the keyboard, page after page, trying to find something relevant.

Firefox Extensions For Google Users
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It seems 39% of my website’s readers are browsing with Mozilla Firefox, with a dwindling 49% on Internet Explorer. In light of this, I thought it would be useful to list all the Firefox extensions I could find that perform some sort of function relating to Google.

What the Heck is Google Print?

Here’s another Google service with which many people are not familiar: Google Print. Huh? What is that?

Did you know you can Google Uncle Sam?

Most people have no idea of this, but since 1999, Google has had a specialized search available to the public, called Google Uncle Sam, that searches only government web sites, mostly .gov and .mil sites, along with some other sites in other Top Level Domains it deems valuable to the database.

Is Google Pulling the Deskbar in favor of the Toolbar?

One of my readers asked me why the Google Deskbar page (www.deskbar.google.com) was down so I checked it out.

Google Offering Gmail Randomly Without Invitations

It seems that Google is moving past the requirement that an invitation is necessary to create an account on Gmail.

I Say Use The Controversial Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar Beta 3 has been stirring controversy and outright anger by many web site owners and advertisers since it was launched.

Google: The Fastest Phonebook on the Web

There are many web phone number directories, but none as close to your fingertips as is Google’s search field.