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Mark Fleming is the founder of a new blog called Google Tutor & Advisor. Google Tutor & Advisor offers in-depth Tips, Techniques and Advice for Google Users.

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Google Tutor for Sale

I began GoogleTutor.com with a great idea-to provide practical, useful information for everyday users of Google. I knew that most people had no idea of what they could do with Google. The site was an instant success, receiving up to 5,000 unique visitors a day.

Gmail + Aliases
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Some email providers support something called “plus” addressing. Gmail is one of them. It’s not a well-known feature; in fact, I don’t believe it is even documented in the Gmail help pages.

Top Level Domain Searches Revisited

I was reading the latest entry of the Google Blog (Google’s official blog) this morning, and they mention a search technique that, while already covered here, I thought it might be worthwhile going over again. It’s regarding the Site Search (site:) operator, and how it can be used to narrow your search to top level internet domains (.com, .net, .edu, .gov, etc.).

Whats With Google Web Quotes and Google Keyboard Shortcuts?
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Sometimes I don’t understand Google. At times they are quite brilliant, and other times they act like some high school kids with a web site.

Googles SafeSearch: A Slight Defense Against Porn
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Porn, porn everywhere. I know that excites a lot of people, but it doesn’t excite us parents when search engines make it so easy to find. Of the big search engines, there is nothing as bad as Yahoo Video Search.

Google Print Finds a Home

Our previous article, What the Heck is Google Print?, explained what Google Print is and how to use it. At that time, you had to search for books among everything else from within the regular Google Search interface.

Searching within a Number Range

Google has many interesting ways that it handles numbers. We’ve already discussed how it treats specialized numbers in our article, Specialized Number Search.

Improve Searching With More Search Results Per Page

There is an overlooked search preference that I have changed to improve my Google searching. You’ll find it in the Preferences settings that you can get to from nearly any Google search page.

Google Maps Hack finds Cheap Gas!
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Ahding.com has created a timely hack for everyone weary of paying high gas prices. His hack is called Cheap Gas and utilizes Google Maps and GasBuddy to create a display of gas prices and map locations for an area.

Customize Google And Gmail
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Add Google Suggest to the Google homepage; Remove Ads from Google; Auto-save emails in Gmail, while you type; Gmail delete button, to easily delete messages; Make all “mailto:” links point to Gmail…

Google Translation On-the-Fly

Most people are familiar with Google Translate, which will allow you to translate any text you key or paste, or a URL you supply, from one major language to another.


Want to know what Google thinks of any person, place, thing or date? Googlism it! You call up the Googlism page and enter in the subject matter, and Googlism then lists snippets of information that is culls from the Google-indexed web pages of the world.

Personalize Your Google Search

When you search with Google, it sees you as any other Google user. It has no idea what your interests are. Therefore, for the same search words Google will deliver the same results to you and everyone else in the world searching with the same language and country selections.

Google Web Accelerator and Security

The web is abuzz with talk of the pros and cons of the new Google Web Accelerator. Mostly the con, and the issue is privacy. I want to let you in on an immediate problem you must understand.

Newsmap Brings the Heat to Google News

We all love how Google News lets us see the top news stories at a glance. But, a clever programmer named Marcos Weskamp has created an even better way to see-actually, to visualize-these news stories.

XTRA Google

Here’s a nice web page that you can use instead of the usual Google homepage that makes it easier to begin many types of searches that Google now offers.

Fun And Games With Google Images
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New Zealand digital designer Grant Robinson has created two incredibly fun applications that utilize Google Images. One is an addicting game called Guess-the-Google and the other is a photo montage creator called Montage-a-Google.

The Google Zeitgeist (or Whats Hot and Whats Not?)

Ever wonder what the heck people search for on Google? Wonder no more! Google summaries it’s history of search terms each week, month and year, categorized by various subjects and countries of origin.

Google Has A Suggestion For You

There’s another Google search page that looks just like Google.com, but it can offer you search term suggestions based on what you are keying into the search box.

Stairway to Voyeur Heaven

I’m on about 10K dialup up right now, having had no broadband for the last 24 hours. I had planned to write up a great Google article for today, but my internet situation, plus spending Saturday relearning my CSS “skills” so I could make a few changes to the site, and continually refreshing the page as I watched my son’s new CD…

View Google Maps on TiVo!

Google Maps is one of the coolest of Google applications , and anyone using TiVo knows that it is one of the most essential products for your home entertainment.

Googles New My Search History
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Google has just added the biggest risk to your searching privacy to date-the new My Search History feature. It’s a cool thing …

Using the New Google Local for Mobile Phones

Last week, Google announced that it had ported Google Local-the easiest way to find local business information on the net-to your mobile phone or device. If your device has an XHTML-supporting (WAP 2.0) browser and you have mobile web service with your wireless provider enabled, your life on the road just got easier!

New! Use Google Text Messaging to get Directions
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A couple weeks ago, I published Googling from your Mobile Phone-no Web Browser Needed!, which turned out to be one of the most popular articles yet. It showed how Google SMS (Short Message Service, otherwise known as text messaging) enables you to send Google queries as text messages over your mobile phone and in a return text message get precise answers to your questions.