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Create a Catchy Slogan to Attract Clients

Are you complaining that you don’t have enough clients? Depending on what you have to sell, prospects are all around you. But to capture their attention and turn them into clients, you need to “hook” them with a catchy slogan.

How to Use `Mind Power’ to Telegraph Confidence

First, relax.

I’m not going to go to the outer limits

Just remind you that how you think of a situation has much to do with the way it turns out.

6 Sexy Secrets to Attract Clients

Have you wondered why movie stars and models are such effective spokespeople?

6 Sexy Secrets of Selling Books and Products from the Platform

Do you want to sell more products, books – even services – from the platform?

Top Tips for TV Interview Success

“Heidi Fleiss is back!” yelped a gossipy acquaintance at my gym, seeing the former Hollywood Madame interviewed by the Today Show’s Matt Lauer on TV.
Savvy readers of my column can already guess this case study is about preparing yourself for Effective TV media interviews.

3 Publicity Tips To Enhance Your Business

PR! Publicity! We all crave the notoriety that comes with rising to the height of our profession.

“Work hard, have patience, and prosper,” says the traditional American work ethic…

…yet fast-paced MTV, fast food, and instant millionaires have changed our society. We want celebrity status fast, and we want it now!

Enhance your Image through PR, publicity, and these 3 PR Tips!