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Ten Rights: For Owners of Service Businesses

1. You have the right to price your business services right!

Have You Unintentionally Set Your Business Up for Failure?

No one sets out to fail! Most business owners read all the statistics (maybe more than once) before they open their doors. Many know the reasons why businesses fail. But some businesses operate under this paradigm: “failure can never happen to me because I know better.” Is that you?

ANTI-S*P^A#M: Protecting Your Web Site’s Email Address(es)

Did you know that there are software programs that view web sites and steal email addresses? It’s called “harvesting” because they’re harvesting your email address from your site. This may be one of the reasons your web site email address is receiving more s*p^a#m than wanted email.

Celebrate! Create Your Very Own WOW List

What in the world is a “WOW List”? It’s a tool (a reminder we humans sometimes need) to help us put the joy back in our lives. Maybe it’s a tool to help us realize how much we really have, or to remember what brings a big smile to our faces.

Ezine Don’ts

In business? Then you’ve looked into or know the potential an ezine has for your business. It’s one of the marketing tools available to you that can help you increase sales and create name recognition, too.

Are You Asking For Permission or Courting Disaster?

Permission based e-lists and ezines can be used by business and community groups to build relationships with both current and future sponsors, clients and members.

Where is your business within the business cycle?

What’s the saying, something like… you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re going. Every business starts and ends somewhere. First it’s an idea and it may stay at this place for a short time or many years. Then it develops into a start-up that takes where you build the critical strong business foundation.

6 Ways Search Engines Find Your Web site

1) Your information contained in your domain name Example: www.CoachMaria.com

6 P’s of Marketing

Plan, Pick, Price, Package, Promote, Prove

The Top 10 Easy Ezine Development and Promotion Tips

Either do it right or don’t do it at all Don’t create an ezine just because you’re reading or seeing that others are creating them. While ezines can be a way to market your business, they are also time consuming. Remember to always market your business while keeping your integrity intact.

Finding Your Ideal Member: A Process for Non-Profit Organizations

The right time to create a fact sheet is any time you need to spoon-feed a reporter on a complex subject.

Reporters don’t mind thinking, they just don’t want to think too hard. They simply don’t have the time. They are writing history in a hurry. The accent is on “hurry.”

Article Banks = Internet Marketing Gold!

What is an article bank?

Business Success Checklist

How do you start to plan your business? What is required? What should you research? Where do you start? Use the checklist below to guide you as you build a strong, solid business foundation.

Questions to Help You Design Your E-zine

Are you looking to grow your business one member at a time? Then start your own e-zine.

Do You Remember To Send Nice Notes?

In the past few years, the look of marketing has changed – for the better I believe.

Creating A Terrific Home Office

One of the many decisions you have, as a new business owner is, “How Do I Create A Home Office?” Take it from someone who has been exactly where you are and learn from my mistakes – “keep it private, professional, functional, simple, within your budget and fun”.

Locating Affordable Health Insurance for Businesses and Individuals

Finding health insurance, as a business owner, can be difficult and is usually expensive. But it doesn’t have to “break the bank”. Below is a list of valuable insurance resources and great places to start your research. Disclaimer: It is the reader’s sole responsibility to abide by all pertinent jurisdiction laws and regulations pertaining to their business and health. Each person is responsible and liable for the outcome of acting on any of the suggestions included in this article. You’re on your own to research and/or purchase the program that is appropriate for you.

Internet Marketing Gold For Authors

One way many business owners market their businesses is by writing content for their online newsletters (e-zine), classes they teach, and articles they provide for other types of marketing strategies. Would you like to take those articles to new heights? Then provide your work to other e-zine publishers as well as newsletters and magazines, too.

How To Develop An E-zine When You Don’t Enjoy Writing

Do you know that many business owners market their businesses by writing content for their online newsletters (e-zine)? And if you don’t enjoy writing, the authors make those articles available to you.

Is it Time To Create A Terrific Home Office?

One of the many decisions you have, as a new business owner is, “How Do I Create A Home Office?” Take it from someone who has been exactly where you are and learn from my mistakes – “keep it private, professional, functional, simple, within your budget and fun”.

7 Sins of Media Releases

“You need serious liposuction!” I told a participant in a recent teleseminar. No, I wasn’t referring to her size — but rather, the length of her media release which tipped the scales at 3 bloated pages. It’s natural to “sin” when it comes to writing media releases, since we are full of enthusiasm for our books and products. But as someone who receives over two hundred media releases a week, here is a brief checklist of what to do before you send out your releases.

Is There a Spy in Your Computer?

You may have inadvertently invited a spy into your computer. The spy is known by a few names “spyware, adware, trojans”. Whatever it’s called, what it does, once it’s in your computer, is start taking statistical information as you travel the Internet. It may also send you pop-up ads and slow down your computer. Wired.com mentioned it “could even collect your credit card information”. According to “OptOut”, one spyware program attacks your e-mail signature file.

Have You Created Your Yearly Theme Yet?

New Years’ Resolutions don’t last to long, do they? Instead, consider creating a theme to help keep you focused throughout the year.

Pricing Your Service or Product: Things To Ponder

Terrific students attend the classes I teach. They ask profound questions that "stretch" my knowledge and resources. When I teach a building a business foundation owner class, I’m usually asked, "How does someone price a product or service?" During a recent class, I promised to write down what’s in my head and send it to the students. And because of them, you now have it, too. In order to keep things simple, I’ll use "services" to mean both services and products in the list below.