About Manoj Jasra

Manoj Jasra is an online marketing veteran of almost 10 years who specializes in analytics, social/search strategy and mobile marketing. Manoj is currently a Sr. Strategist at one of Canada's largest Telecommunications Companies, Shaw Communications Inc., where he leads Social Media, SEO, PPC and Web Analytics strategies. Manoj first started in the search marketing industry with Enquiro Search Solutions, where he spearheaded web analytics, SEO Training and the development of cutting edge search marketing solutions for clients.

Manoj is a Professional Speaker having participated at events such as Emetrics, Web Analytics Xchange, WebTrends' Engage, Internet Marketing Conference, Social Media Innovation Summit and Search Engine Strategies. He authors Web Analytics World (a top 100 Online Marketing Blog) and consults through his firm Jasra Inc.
Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

ad:Tech 2007 – Building Relationships through Mobile

This session featured Jack Philbin (President, Vibes Media), Bob Wesley (CEO MobileLime), Dean Macri (Founder/CEO Cielo Group) and Brook Pitts (Senior VP, Marketing Innovation – Bank of America).

What started out as a very dry session turned out to be a very insightful lesson on ways to create conversation and user engagement using the power of mobile. 2 of the most interesting uses of mobile campaigns were mentioned by Bob Weasley and Dean Macri.

ad:Tech 2007 – Chris Anderson: The Long Tail

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, kicked off ad:Tech Chicago 2007 by taking a page (literally) out of his book: The Long Tail.

Scoble on Sifting Through Feeds

I watched a very interesting video on the Google Reader blog where Robert Scoble takes viewers through his process of going through his Google Reader (which contains hundreds of feeds).

Reasons Why Google Should Acquire Facebook

I was reading Adotas this morning and noticed an article titled Google To Acquire Facebook? Google has been on a purchasing frenzy as of late and the acquisition of Facebook would further strengthen their arsenal. However a $900 million pending deal with MySpace (who provides Google with 11% of Google’s traffic) and a no-compete clause makes Google have to tread very gently. Google does not want to end up losing MySpace to Yahoo!

Bringing SEO In House – Insight from the Experts

After yesterday’s post about the 10 Great Resources regarding Bringing SEO In House got me thinking, wouldn’t it be useful if I got insight from some of the Top In House SEOs (amongst other Industry professionals)? I asked a few SEO Experts the same 2 questions:

1) What is the biggest advantage for an organization to bring Search Marketing In-house?

2) What is the biggest challenge in accomplishing a transformation to In-house SEO?

Bringing SEM In House – 10 Great Resources

Bringing SEO In house is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics across the Industry. With businesses looking to cut down on marketing budgets and wanting to expand on preexisting In House teams it will be difficult for traditional SEM Firms to continually offer the same services (at the same premiums) as they have been in the past. Businesses are looking to strengthen their relationships with their online marketing departments and what better way to do this then removing the 3rd Party SEM firm out of the picture.

XChange Conference

Semphonic, a leading web analytics consultancy today announced the XChange Conference. XChange is a highly focused web analytics conference for and by real world practitioners and web analytics managers, brought together into an intimate setting to share experiences and brainstorm new approaches.

New Google Analytics Features

After receiving numerous requests for the same features, Google Analytics has added some new features. They include:

Are you Attending Searchnomics?

Google will be sending quite a few representatives to Searchnomics this year, which happens to be Google’s first.

Top Universal Search Influencers

To recap, Universal Search is a term coined by Google in which results from different vertical search engines (images, video, news etc…) are integrated into Google’s regular search results.

Chossing Between SMX & SES

A post from Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz says that Incisive Media (guys who run Search Engine Strategies) wants to introduce a speaker exclusivity agreement.

Inside SMX Seattle

SE Round Table’s Tamar Weinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the first day’s events at the 2007 Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

Google Update Over?

After nearly 2 weeks of seeing my referrals from Google plummet to pretty much nothing, I am finally seeing referrals climb back to normal. During the update I noticed major drops in rankings for phrases I used to rank quite strongly for, such as: Web Analytics Comparison, Web Analytics World, Embed Audio, WebTrends vs. Google, etc…

Web Analytics News

Up here in British Columbia, Canada we are wrapping up a well deserved long weekend. To start this short work week I’d like to give a shout out to all the excellent web analytics related articles/posts from last week.

Google Searchology Lowdown

I had the opportunity to attend Google’s Searchology event and found it very exciting viewing it from the paradigm of a member of the press. All major news organizations were there: SearchEngineWatch, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, ZDNet, PC World, Boston Globe, Forbes and Search Engine Land.

What Happened to My Google Traffic?

Chris Sherman over at SearchEngineLand posted an article today titled: When Google Goes Temporarily Insane. He mentions that Google is shuffling its index which has caused some site owners to freak out a little bit. This is not a new issue during Index updates, you’ll often find your site missing for some of your most popular keywords for one week and then reappear the next week.

Web Analytics Vendor Comparison

Today CMS Watch released the Web Analytics Report, which evaluates 13 major Web Analytics suppliers based on extensive vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of industry sectors, and "hands on" testing of solutions. Purchase the report at: http://www.cmswatch.com/

The Web Analytics report is divided up into 6 main parts:

Part 1 – How to Use this Report

The Best Search Engine According to PC World

PC World has recently released the results of their "Search Engine Shoot-Out"

PC World

Define, Test, Measure, Repeat – Successful Blogging

The key to success in blogging, whether you want to make money, gain more subscribers, or increase visitor engagement is to constantly test new strategies.

With A/B testing and using web analytics to measure its performance anyone can move closer to their ideal formula of success. Here are a few suggestions you can try testing within your blog:

Yahoo Analytics – A Reality?

Jennifer LeClaire over at the NewsFactor Network today wrote about Yahoo aiming to battle with Google on the Analytics Front.

Enterprise CMS Comparison Report

CMS Watch, a vendor-neutral analyst firm that evaluates content management, enterprise search, and portal technologies, has found that some of the biggest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite vendors are experiencing the most change right now, and therefore, customers’ erstwhile "safest" bets might also carry significant near-term risks.

New Setup Guide for Google Analytics

If you’re tired of sifting through Google Analytics’ knowledge base in order to solve your web analytics implementation issues, then look no further because EpikOne has just launched a Google Analytics setup Guide which will get your analytics up and running in 7 easy steps.