About Manoj Jasra

Manoj Jasra is an online marketing veteran of almost 10 years who specializes in analytics, social/search strategy and mobile marketing. Manoj is currently a Sr. Strategist at one of Canada's largest Telecommunications Companies, Shaw Communications Inc., where he leads Social Media, SEO, PPC and Web Analytics strategies. Manoj first started in the search marketing industry with Enquiro Search Solutions, where he spearheaded web analytics, SEO Training and the development of cutting edge search marketing solutions for clients.

Manoj is a Professional Speaker having participated at events such as Emetrics, Web Analytics Xchange, WebTrends' Engage, Internet Marketing Conference, Social Media Innovation Summit and Search Engine Strategies. He authors Web Analytics World (a top 100 Online Marketing Blog) and consults through his firm Jasra Inc.
More Features with New Google Toolbar Version

Google has released version 5 of it’s popular toolbar, now with many more additional features. http://toolbar.google.com/T5/intl/en/index.html

A Chat with Robert Bergquist, CEO of Widemile

A little while back I got the chance to speak with Robert Bergquist, CEO of widemile (specializing in multivariate testing and optimization – based in Seattle).

Thanksgiving Huge for Wal-Mart

U.S. traffic on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 increased 20 percent compared to Thanksgiving 2006, Hitwise reported today. 

Hitwise: Black Friday Traffic Up 145%

Below is a summary of key data points from Hitwise regarding Black Friday Traffic (week ending Nov 17th)

The BlogCritics Radio Channel

BlogTalkRadio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/) and BlogCritics (http://blogcritics.org/), , today announced the creation of the new “BlogCritics Radio” Channel on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Black Friday Site Traffic Increases 52%

Online traffic to Black Friday advertising websites is rising earlier in 2007 compared to 2006, Hitwise reported today. Online traffic to a custom category of Black Friday advertising websites increased 52 percent for the week ending Nov. 10, 2007 compared to Nov. 11, 2006.

BlogWorld Expo – CLIQ Unites Bloggers

Bloggers can now extend their reach and engage their audiences by teaming up with other blogs they like.

Google Checkout & Gmail Updates

I was browsing through the Google Blogs using my Yahoo Pipe and noticed that there have been a couple pieces of cool news item floating around at the the Gmail and Google Checkout blogs.

Hitwise Launches Retail Data Center to Public
Hitwise, announced the launch of its new Retail Data Center. This publicly available website provides weekly online shopping trend data, based on how U.S. Internet users interact with more than 20,000 online shopping sites, across 21 shopping categories such as Video Games, Electronics and Apparel.

Ultimate Consumer Engagement Resources

Consumer Engagement is not a metric that can be measured in the same manner by all businesses and therefore there is no such thing as an optimum engagement score.

Consumer Engagement is also not simply captured on your website, it’s calculated using all touch points in a consumer’s (website, search engine, blog, banner ad, offline media, etc…). Consumer engagement has to be defined by marketing teams and appropriate stake holders so that it can be correlated to repetitive interactions by the consumer.

Measuring Consumer Engagement

I have just arrived at the Rio Resort in Las Vegas and will be attending WebTrends’ Engage 2007 tomorrow. I am actually on an "expert panel" where we’ll be discussing different aspects of the buzz phrase: Consumer Engagement. The topics surrounding consumer engagement will include:

E-Tailers Enhance User Experience

I read a great article from RarePlay.com last week titled: "Searching For A Perfect Fit" which talks about online clothing retailers offering virtual fitting rooms to further entice visitors to remain on the site and potentially purchase a product.

Searching Facebook Apps with Clever Hippo

Clever Hippo is a search engine for Facebook Apps. Their mission is to make it easier for Facebook users to find cool applications.

Recap of Semphonic Web Analytics X Change

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Semphonic’s first annual Web Analytics X Change in Napa Valley, California.

Stanford’s Facebook App Development Group

Today I noticed that a couple of my Facebook friends joined the group: Creating New Apps for Facebook (New Stanford Course).

Omniture Announces New Genesis Version
Omniture, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMTR), today announced Omniture Genesis 2.0 Platform Edition, a new version of Genesis that streamlines the deployment of Omniture for Authorized Platform Partners that deliver Omniture software as part of an industry-specific platform solution.

DreamForce Keynote – Cisco CEO John Chambers

This week I am attending my very first Salesforce conference (DreamForce) and must admit it’s one of the largest conferences I have ever been to. Apparently there are over 7,000 people attending this conference and the Moscone Conference Center is a perfect venue to accommodate that many attendees.

Google Webmaster Central Adds Subscriber Stats

Late last Friday, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog reported some additional features which included the ability for publishers to see the number of subscribers to their content.

Facebook Public Profile Resources
Yesterday’s news of the day was the buzz surrounding Facebook making profiles public to the major search engines. We did predict this enhancement by Facebook earlier this summer when Rumors of Google purchasing Facebook were flying around. Here’s the official word from Facebook:

Starting today, we are making limited public search listings available to

ad:Tech Chicago vs. SES San Jose
After attending ad:Tech Chicago and Search Engine Strategies over the last month made me realize that there are considerable differences between the 2 conferences.

I know they’re difficult to compare because SES San Jose is quite a bit larger than ad:Tech Chicago and the target demographic is somewhat different, however I am sure there are marketers wondering which one they should attend. Here are my thoughts:

SES – Yet More Takeaways

In this multi-part series we’re covering the sessions at Search Engine Strategies San Jose (from the ones we attended) which we thought provided the most value. Yesterday we attended a session called In House: Big SEO which included the following speakers: Jeffrey Rohrs, Bill Macaitis, Marshall D. Simmonds, Melanie Mitchell, and Bill Hunt.

SES – More Takeaways

Continuing with the theme of providing the most value from Search Engine Strategies San Jose, here’s what I found useful in Day 2. The session was called Personalization, User Data & Search and featured Jonathan Mendez, Richard Zwicky, Dave Davies, Gord Hotchkiss, Sep Kamvar and Tim Mayer.

SES – Takeaways
I am going to try and take a different approach on how to report on what’s happening here at Search Engine Strategies San Jose. If you want detailed coverage on all the sessions I would recommend checking out Tamar Weingberg at SERoundTable or the Bruce Clay Blog.

Search in 2010

Over at SearchEngineLand, Gord Hotchkiss has written a very detailed post on what a search engine results page could look like by the year 2010. For this ‘Future of Search’ post, Gord got insight from the top Search/Usability Experts in the field: