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The Right Way to Use Other Peoples Articles on Your Website

Article Marketing Creates a Steady Flow of Fresh Content.

Ten Ways to Make Your Business Card Easy to Read

- Arrange elements to follow the natural flow of the eye

Dont Scare Away Your Customers

Common small potato tip-offs-

Heed The Business Card Laws

from The Business Card Book-What your business card reveals
about you and how to fix it Dr. Lynella Grant

Why Your Printing Jobs Shouldnt be Rushed

Any printing job is actually a series of steps, and each of them take time. Even in the best situation, where the job comes to the printer truly “ready to go,” the order seldom is ready as quickly as the customer had hoped. Few customers understand all that must be done between the time the order comes in and when it goes out the printer’s door.

Too Much Contact Information Confuses

Have you noticed all the different contact numbers people provide? How many different ones do you use or give out? Is it any wonder that callers get confused about the best way to reach you?

Every Busines Needs Its Own Slogan or Tag Line

Tell people in a short phrase or sentence what you want them to know or remember about the business. It should conjure up a strong mental image that will be forever linked with you in their memories.

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Service

Drive down any street; on both sides are businesses competing for your dollars. They have their beckoning signs, their displayed inventories, their trained employees, their promotional strategies all focused on luring the customer and making the sale. If they fail to capture sufficient customer interest and enough dollars, the business dies.

Decode the Hidden Messages on Business Cards

Every business card creates an impression that reveals a lot more than you’d expect about a business. It exposes more than the printed words, disclosing its health and priorities. Cards can often say unflattering things, rather than the messages you intended. It can function as your silent ambassador or as a spiteful gossip. So make sure yours expresses precisely what you want people to remember.

Watch Out for Computer Assumptions that Cause Printing Delays

Time gremlins lurk in any printing project, causing complications that throw it off track. Such delays frustrate both the customer and the printer. Changes in technology may reduce some such problems but have been responsible for causing different ones instead.

Dropped Jaw Syndrome, Your Fastest, Most Reliable Market

Business owners should be more like doctors.