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Lyndi Thompson, or Lyndit, is a Social Media and Online Marketing Specialist, and has managed online marketing, social media, PR initiatives, event strategies, product launches, and more. Her blog can be found at LyndiT.com.
9 Things Businesses Have Learned About Social Media
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Social media has walked the fiery coals of skepticism and has brilliantly performed as a marketing, customer service and relationship building tool beyond expectations.

Marketing Perspective is Going to Have to Shift
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The marketing perspective is going to have to shift. Whether you are living in the world of small businesses or global corporations recruiting talent, and then retaining that talent is becoming a priority. Effective internal marketing empowers employees to take on learning the ends and out of the company, the industry and how to work with their customers. Employees with a good understanding of the company vision will establish long term trusting relationships with customers and learned the ropes of the industry.