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Nine Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Head To The Office Party

One thing you can count on during the holiday season is the obligatory office party. No matter what the size of the organization, there is always an effort to bring coworkers together for one more moment of merriment. Some people look forward to the chance to mix and mingle outside the confines of business and others would rather give up the annual bonus than have to spend precious personal time with the gang from work.

The Top Twelve E-Mail Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Career

You return to your office from an afternoon meeting and decide to check e-mail. You wonder where your day went after spending hours downloading messages, reading some, deleting others, crafting replies and filing those that you want to work on later. Your e-mail box was full when you arrived at work this morning and tomorrow promises to be no different.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are not speaking? Unless you are a master of disguise, you are constantly sending messages about your true thoughts and feelings whether you are using words or not.

How To Seal The Deal In Seven Seconds

Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? If you make a great first impression, you can do it even faster. Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression. If yours is not good, you won’t get another chance with that potential client. But if you make a great first impression you can bet that the client is more likely to take you and your company seriously.

Giving the Gift of Great Customer Service

Do you find yourself on a constant search for innovative and creative ways to thank your customers for their business? What is the perfect gift and when is the ideal time to give it?

During the holidays, everyone is flooded with food, flowers, cards and calendars from vendors of all sorts in an effort to show appreciation and keep good customers coming back.

Help! Its Casual Friday. What To Wear To The Job Interview?

You got the interview for the job you wanted. It was in your field, you met all the requirements of education and experience, you rehearsed the answers to every conceivable question, you arrived on time, you were calm and collected, but you didn’t get the position.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Cell Phone Usage

The use of cellular phones has turned into mobile madness. Every where you go, you are bombarded with the sounds of cell phones ringing and people shouting to be heard by a person who is nowhere to be seen. While I was standing in line at a fast food restaurant recently, a phone rang. Six of the nine people waiting in line to place an order grabbed for their belts. One came up a winner and took the call.

Flip-Flops—For the Office or the Beach?

They’re back! Flip-flops. Maybe they never really went away. In any case, flip-flops are one of the hottest trends in summer fashion footwear. If you are wondering when the first shoe of this type appeared, I did a little research and discovered that sandals—which is what we are talking about here—came into existence around 2000 B.C. So for those of you who think this shoe is a brand new creation, think again.

Shaking Hands In Business – It Is Not A Choice

There was a story in the news recently about a high school graduate who refused to shake hands with her principal when receiving her diploma. The principal was taken completely off guard by this unexpected behavior. As a result, he has so far refused to give the young woman the actual paper document.

Think Twice about What You Wear to Work

With warm weather already here and the promise of more on the way, the subject of what to wear to the office is once again becoming a hot topic. Understandably, people want to be comfortable in the heat and humidity of the summer. However, in their desire to cool down, some people forget that, regardless of the temperature, what they wear to work should always reflect business.

Do Your Table Manners Really Matter in the Business World?

When I was growing up, my family had dinner together every night. This was an important time for all of us to catch up on the day’s events, to share ideas and values, and of course, to learn good table manners.

Meeting Seating – Where to Sit for Your Best Career Moves

Attending meetings is a lot like going to class. Where you sit in class can affect your grade, and where you sit in a meeting can affect your career.

Tips for Mastering the Art of Networking

Masterful networkers know that courtesy is the foundation of professional connections. The whole process of networking is about being courteous, considerate and helpful to the people you meet. It’s important to be gracious, appreciative and supportive when you are working to develop key business relationships.

Ten Tips For Winning Customers Over The Phone

The first contact you or another employee in your company has with a client or customer may well be over the telephone. Whoever answers the phone represents the entire organization and its philosophy about customer service to the person on the other end of the line. Make sure that you and everyone else who has access to your clients by phone knows and practices these rules of courtesy.

Press One and Go Directly to Voice Mail Jail

For some people “voice mail” means the voice mail menu system—or “voice mail jail.” You know, when you dial the business number and a voice—not a person—answers and says, “Hello, you have reached XYZ Company. Please listen carefully to the following options.” At this point, you grit your teeth and prepare for an ordeal.

After listening to all the choices, you discover that none of them suits your needs. Several different can reactions occur. You might feel stupid that you can’t figure out what number to press. Or you might get annoyed that you have to go through the list again, wasting precious time and money.

The Dos and Donts of Entertaining Clients over Meals

Business meals, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, are essentially business meetings. The added element of entertaining your client over food means that you not only have to be knowledgeable about your products and services, but you also need to exhibit good conversational skills, show confidence in a social setting and demonstrate that you can eat with civility.

Dining At Your Desk Is Bad For Business

Enter many offices at any given time of the day, not just mealtime, and you are likely to encounter employees munching at their desks. If their workspace happens to be behind closed doors or high walls, this may be acceptable. However, indulging in snacks or full course meals in plain sight of coworkers or, heaven forbid, clients and customers, is not a good idea.