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Travels Of Wanda The Wandering Affiliate

Wanda was a simple girl, with a simple plan — or so she thought.

My Cat Knows More About Marketing Than You Do

Now, now, I’m not trying to be insulting. My cat probably knows more about marketing than I do, too.In fact, it’s obvious she is the master. I mean, what other creature would I allow to run between my legs, nearly tripping me, as I fumble my way toward the bathroom in the morning while trying to wake up from my still half asleep state?

5 Immediate Changes That Boost Sales Site Profits

At times, it’s important to give our sales pages a review to make sure they contain the most important elements that will lead to the highest amount of sales possible.

Advertisers! Sharpen Your 5 Line Ad Skills

You’ve heard it before, don’t write your classified ads to sell your products. Write them to draw your potential customers in for a closer look.

How To Make More Profits By Publishing An Ezine

So, you’ve thought about publishing your own ezine? Or maybe you just keep hearing that it’s a good idea to do so?

Increase Your Sales Through Emotional Connections

Emotional connections? Is this one of those cosmic vibration things? Am I asking you to flaunt your aura at people or something?

7 Questions Home Business Owners MUST Answer

There are a few items any home business owner must address if their business is to properly function and turn a consistent profit.

How To Use Your ‘Back End’ For Marketing

Exactly what is ‘back end’ marketing?

Simple. It involves printing your business ad on the back side of your shorts and walking seductively though town so that you draw everyone’s attention. Now obviously, bikinis rate better results than flower print polyester cut-offs, but you have to be pretty brief with your message.

Revealing Your Online Promotion Options

Everybody has their favorite way of promoting online. Some have found success in their favorite methods, others are still struggling.