About Liz Davis

Hello, my name is Liz Davis and I have been working on System Implementation Projects for the last 13+ years in the high-tech and print industries. I am PMP certified and have worked for companies such as Informix Software, Synopsys, USA.NET and Cenveo.

The Virtual Project Office, LLC has been serving the CO community since 2006. Specializing in project management services for system implementation projects and Web Master design, Liz Davis offers 13+ years of Fast, Experienced and Professional Project Management services you can count on. Find out more about Liz at: http://www.thevirtualpo.com
Key Measures of Success for System Implementation Project Management

In all the years of managing projects from Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Sales Quotation and Lead Tracking systems, and ERP Software, I have learned some key factors which, if always kept in check and balance, will lead you to project success.