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Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks!

Studies have shown that while 75% of the people read headlines, only 25 % keep reading “the rest of the story”. Breaking it down even further, you have about 4 seconds to convince that reader to read on!

Working Your Business Around The Clock!

At the dawn of the Information Age came the fax-on- demand…information received instantly by using a fax machine.

Building Relationships…Priceless!

There are many things you can and will do along the way to building your practice, but few things will have the impact on your practice as that of building your patient relationships.

You’ve Got Mail

Answering your e-mail is a priority! Personal e-mail and e-mail marketing has become the favorite method of communication among the US and around the world.

I Want To Start An Online Business…What Do I Do?

Well, congratulations! You have decided to start your business online. You have the skills, the knowledge, the enthusiasm and desire needed. There’s just one problem…….Now what do you do?

Are You “Looking For Love” In All The Wrong Places?

Recently I was invited to give a seminar on “The Information Age and Making Money”. It was a very interesting time with a lot of questions being asked about online marketing and getting started.

I’ve Written An Article…Now What Do I Do?

You’ve finally done it! You’ve written your article, looked it over, tweaked it ….and looked it over… again and now…you are ready to publish! Now what?

Backing Up Is So Hard To Do!

How many times have you said it? “I have got to back up my information!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it in this last year since buying my new computer. Why, I even bought the one with CD Write on it just so I could “back up” my information!

I’ve written articles, sent out newsletters, sent and received a ton of e-mail messages, created a bunch of folders, written an e-book, created an information booklet and even added my web site folders! Life is good!

A New Year….A New Beginning!

The New Year, for me, has always been an exciting and happy time! Recently I was posting in one of the great groups I belong to, hbj_chat, and I compared the New Year to a new page.

The Information Age and Making Money!

The Internet is the most powerful and most incredible marketing device ever invented plus it’s the most cost effective!

Identity Theft Or Will The REAL Me Please Stand Up!
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There is a new thief on the block. An identity thief and YOU are at risk!

The Benefits Of Internet Relationship Management

Businesses are now racing to shift gears from their “mass marketing” strategies of days gone by, to today’s more competitive strategy of “one-to-one marketing”, also known in the business world as customer relationship management.

So what does this have to do with the Internet? Or maybe you are thinking, “How does this apply to me. I don’t even see or talk to my customers, it’s all automated.”