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How to Write Copy That Turns More Website Visitors into Buyers

You’re getting lots of visitors, but not a lot of sales. How can you increase the number of buyers without increasing traffic? Design, usability and layout have an impact on sales, but your words are what really sell — or don’t.

Editing Yourself

Not everybody has access to a professional editor. Sometimes, you’re forced to edit your own writing – a danger some of us know all too well.

Clarify Your Message Using Clean Design Elements

Increasingly, business people rely on desktop publishing. Gone are the days when a male manager would dictate words to a female typist and expect her to turn them into an eye- pleasing document. Also, once complicated documents like brochures and flyers are now easy to create in programs such as Microsoft Publisher, and even MS Word.

Introduction to Document Design: Visual Organization

Good document design helps readers find and understand information more quickly. It can help organizations and company save time and money. Therefore, before you begin writing, and again before writing your final draft, consider these tips for making your document’s design aid in the clarity of your communication.

Ten Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Writer
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Finding quality writers is not easy. As with hiring any employee or contractor, be sure to get the facts first.

1. What am I looking for?

Before you begin your search for a writer, make sure to outline your needs. Do you need a marketing writer that does brochures? A technical writer who knows Visual Basic?

2. How do you charge?

Many freelancers work on a per-project basis and require one-third to one-half of the fee upfront. Others work on an hourly, per-day or per-week basis. Make sure you get the details before you hire the writer.

Working With Freelance Writers

Many companies are turning to freelance writers to get their projects completed. After all, there are plenty of advantages to dealing with freelancers: no salaries, vacation time, sick days, health insurance or benefits. Also, using an outside writer will ensure a fresh perspective. Here are some tips for working with freelance writers to build relationships and ensure a successful project.