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Increase Sales with a Call to Action

Use action words in all your marketing materials. A call to action such as “call now,” “order now,” and “click here” can dramatically increase your sales. Motivate readers to do what you want them to do with action verbs. Give precise instructions. Tell them exactly what to do. Give them a direct order. Add an incentive or benefit to your order.

Choosing an Effective Domain Name

Choosing an effective domain name is important to increase visibility, attract buyers, and inspire trust.

Attract Buyers with Valuable Content

Content is the most important component of your web site. Useful content gets visitors to your site, engages them, builds credibility, and converts them into buyers. Surveys indicate that 80 percent of visitors go to web sites to get information. Only 5 percent are interested in graphics.

Proofing Tips – Make a Good Impression With Error-Free Documents

Typos can hurt your sales. Apply the proofreading tips below to proof your documents. The type of document and purpose will determine how you proofread. Proofreading a legal document will be different from proofreading documents with multiple columns, numbers, or names.

Get Top Search Engine Ranking Using Keyword Strategies

Your prospects type in keywords into search engines to find your web site. Implementing simple keyword strategies can dramatically improve your search engine ranking and web traffic.

Increase Sales with an Easy-To-Navigate Web Site

Can your visitors find what they’re looking for on your web site with one or two clicks? Easy navigation is essential to keep visitors at your site and turn them into buyers. Follow these 13 steps to make your web pages easy to navigate and compel prospective buyers to explore your web site.

Increase Profits by Focusing on Your Ideal Customer

Targeting your customers is vital to your business success.

Attract Buyers with Power Words

Power words elicit emotions and create visual pictures in your readers’ mind. Here are twenty of the most important words that have proven to attract attention, motivate prospects to buy, and increase sales. Use them in your headlines and copy of your sales materials and web site.

Stand Out from Your Competition

Attract your audience with a benefit that is different from everyone else. What is your distinct advantage? What separates you from your competition? What is distinctive about your offer?

How to Keep Your Documents Readable

Your documents will be ineffective if your clients and prospects don’t read them. Follow these guidelines to make your documents more readable and appealing.

How to Choose a Name for Your Business

Choosing a name for your business is important. Select it carefully.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Credibility and Online Sales

Credibility is a big concern on the Internet. If you want to sell products or services online, it’s essential that potential buyers trust you. Follow these strategies to build trust with your web site.

Your Ideal Customer

Targeting your customers is vital to your online success. Increase your web profits by focusing on prospects who are likely to buy your products or services. Ask the following questions to find out who your ideal customers are and what they want:

Get Top Search-Engine Ranking Using Keyword Strategies

Keywords and META tags can dramatically improve your search-engine ranking. Your prospects use keywords and key phrases to find you in the search engines. They give your web pages a chance to come up in the search results when your prospects type in words into a search engine that match the keywords in your META tags and web content.

Develop a web site that stands out from the crowd

Attract your audience with a benefit that is different from other web sites. What is your distinct advantage? What separates you from your competition? What is distinctive about your offer? Why should your prospects choose you over others?

Drive Traffic to Your Web Site With Reciprocal Links

One of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your Web site is to exchange links with other Web sites. Both sites benefit from reciprocal links with sites that attract the same targeted audience. Links to your site increase your traffic, imply that your site is worth visiting, and may increase your search engine ranking. Links to other sites provide useful resources and give visitors a reason to return to your site.

Web Design and Marketing Mistakes

Does your Web site make any of these mistakes? Any of these mistakes will reduce your Web sales.

Keyword Strategies to Get Top Search Engine Ranking

Keywords and META tags can dramatically improve your search engine ranking. It’s important to learn keyword strategies and spend time writing descriptions and page titles. You will need them when submitting your site.

Top 20 Ways to Build Trust

Trust is essential for Internet success. Follow these tips to keep prospects coming back, win their trust, and increase your online sales.

Make Purchasing Easy

Make purchasing easy. Take a good look at your ordering process.

META Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Examples of META Tags

Design Your Home Page to Motivate Prospective Buyers to Explore Your Web Site

Generally you get only one chance to grab your visitors attention. Use these four easy steps to compel prospective buyers to explore your web site.

Skyrocket Online Sales

Apply these marketing strategies to skyrocket your online sales.

Select a Domain Name with Search Engines in Mind

To get your Web site on the Internet, you need a domain name and a hosting company. Follow these tips when selecting a domain name.