About Leonard Loro

Leonard Loro, MCSE, MCSD, ISS, MCT, CCNA, is a recognized e-Business specialist. His experience includes engaging, managing and implementing large consulting projects for government agencies and companies like Microsoft, Nissan as well as other Fortune 500's. Leonard can be reached at Leonardo.loro@enresource.com.
Understanding Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) Planning and Optimization

Planning decisions are critical for a successful firewall implementation. Missing some of the most important points when designing a firewall implementation can jeopardize our information integrity and the overall network security.

Windows XP Professional Reliability and Security

Windows XP Professional rocks. With the windows update tool and other security and reliability features, Microsoft has made the life of home and business professional users better.

Windows XP Internet Security for Advanced Users

Your computer keeps crashing and your internet connection is slow. Pop-ups are filling your desktop with messages that you don’t want. You need to take control and protect your internet connection before it’s too late.

Securing Network Resources

Network attacks are the biggest risk for Windows 2000 servers. Since the release of the old Windows NT 3.1, hackers have been actively looking for bugs in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Tools like SecHole, IISInjector, NAT (NetBIOS Auditing Tool), SMBRelay and L0pthcrack have been developed to reveal passwords, execute actions on a server, forge network connections and degrade system performance. In addition, several critical security vulnerabilities have been recently released for Windows 2000 that can completely expose a network to an intruder.

The Principles of RDBMSs Security

Databases are a goldmine for criminals. Successfully tracking an intrusion can depend 100% on administering database accesses and permissions. Unauthorized user actions, as well as possible intruder actions, need to be tracked and audited in order to maintain the integrity of the information stored in the database.

The Database Security Checklist

Database security can jeopardize your network security. The security administration of your RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), needs to be focused on preventing the unauthorized use of your company or business information by criminals.

Intrusion Detection Foundations

The number of internet attacks is dramatically increasing. Vulnerabilities, configuration problems and different type of attacks are discovered daily.

An Introduction to Network Firewalls and Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Everyone needs a firewall. If you run a web site, have a dial-up connection or control a corporate backbone you have to install a firewall. This will allow the control of what internal information from your network or computer is allowed to go out, and what information is allowed to come in. Taking advantage of a simple firewall installation can help you preserve your data and report all attempts of unauthorized access.

Defense In Depth – A Layered Approach Network Security

External information access from partners and employees is a very important aspect in the design of security. Corporations need to be assured that their critical servers are safe from different internet threats. Additionally, because the Web is worldwide, it is impossible to create a global agreement on what traffic is inappropriate and how that traffic should be regulated. A major problem IT departments face is how to defend critical servers from hostile network traffic and network addresses. How do we add layers of security to protect our internet servers and internal systems?