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The Top Ten Reasons People Will Send You Referrals

1. You are good at what you do.

Are Your Marketing Dollars Being Spent on the Right People?

When it comes to bringing in new clients, the biggest mistake I see people make over and over again is that they don’t target their marketing. They tend to go after EVERYBODY’S business instead of going after the business of the people who might actually be prepared to purchase their product or service.

Networking: A Team Sport

A couple of years ago, I was scheduled to attend one of my Business Referral Exchange breakfast meetings in a location about 45 minutes away from my home. I’m so used to getting up early to attend breakfast meetings, that I’m rather like a fireman ready to slide down the pole and jump on the truck. My clothes are laid out the night before. The alarm is set for 5:00 AM. The coffee pot is set up and only needs to be plugged in. I’ve got just the right amount of time for one cup of coffee and a quick read of the morning’s paper before I head out. I’ve done it hundreds of times. It’s always been the same…until one particular day.

Create Visibility For Yourself

Everyone in business has one thing in common. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salesman, a coach, a dentist, an artist, a lawyer, running a nonprofit organization or a work-at-home-mom What we all need is to have people know about us. We can be the very best in all the world at what we do, but if we haven’t got any customers, clients, or patients what good will it do us?

Start the New Year by Turning Holiday Contacts Into Contracts

The relatives are gone. You’ve eaten the last of the turkey. The sales are over, and you never want to see anything with sugar in it again for as long as you live! Welcome to January, a new year, a new beginning, a time to move forward.

How To Attract and Retain A Top-Norch Sales Force

A couple of years ago, a mailing list to which I subscribe had a question from a participant who owned a real estate franchise. She wanted some advice about how to both attract and retain a top notch sales force.

Network Your Way To The Top

How would you like to have a fan club filled with people who know, like, trust and respect you? People who have a very clear understanding of what you do and exactly the kind of client you are looking for. People who will actually go out and find clients for you, and, best of all, theyll never charge you a cent!. Sound like a fantasy? Its not. Its all possible…if you know how to network.

Some Things to Consider When Selecting A Leads Exchange Group

It has been said that 80 percent of business today comes from referrals. People want to do business with people they know, like, trust and respect. I believe that with all my heart.