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Lee Roberts President/CEO of Rose Rock Design, Inc. and owner/developer of the Apple Pie Shopping Cart the search engine friendly shopping cart.
Customer Acquisition and Retention

The first e-commerce web sites were developed to create avenues to acquire new customers. That was in 1994.

Is Your Site Spamming the Search Engines?

Spamming the search engines can cause your site to be banned and dropped from their indices. To help webmasters understand the rules of search engine etiquette the search engines have established quality guidelines that explain the majority of their rules about spam. By simply following these guidelines your site can remain in the search engines.

The Semantic Web

Semantic: “Part of the structure of language, along with phonology, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics, which involves understanding the meaning of words, sentences, and texts.” Google define:semantic

Achieving a Top Ten Placement

Achieving a top ten placement in the search engines can be compared to being invited to a party for the elite. Only the best of the best optimized web sites get to be in the top ten. While many may still agree that this is the truth, one needs to understand the entire picture. How much does Page Rank or Site Rank have to play in the picture of getting invited to the Search Engine’s Top Ten party?

Search Engines and Consumer Behavior

When web sites are developed with an e-commerce system they typically do not have unique names for each page, if they are using dynamic solutions. Other solutions require creating web pages that promote the products placed on that page; and, again they don’t have the name of the individual products. These solutions don’t help much for various reasons.


Hansel and Gretel were walking through the woods and dropping breadcrumbs along the way to aid in helping find their way back home. While this is a children’s story with multiple meanings, it does, in fact, hold a message for web designers. Deep sites should have some form of back navigation.

Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation

Daniel Boone was known as one of the most famous trailblazers. Boone helped blaze a trail which later became known as the Cumberland Trail. A few years later Boone blazed the trails from the Carolinas to the, then, western territories, those trails became known as the Wilderness Roads. While people can blaze trails in the wilderness, search engine spiders cannot. Search engine spiders require through your site to find your pages.

Submit to Search Engines

During the early years of the World Wide Web it was paramount to submit to search engines. As technologies used on the World Wide Web improved traditional views become old and useless. You can use search engines to your advantage once you understand how they operate. Search engine technologies include directories, hybrid-directories and search engines.

Shopping Cart Usability
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Usable Shopping Carts Increase Sales

E-commerce has been around since 1993 under many different names, but one thing remains constant; shoppers want usable web sites. Without a usable shopping cart the sites typically fail from poor performance. To succeed in the world of e-commerce and on the Internet web sites must be developed to be usable by patrons as well as search engines.

Google’s Topical Match

To many web site owners, Google’s Topical Match is more like a leper attempting to find friends. Site owners, like the Romans of old, have developed great inroads into their sites and captured many links during the process. Unfortunately, Google with their “great wisdom” pulled up the ground under those roads like a great earthquake and virtually destroyed the landscape.

Free-for-All (FFA) Sites
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Free-for-All sites allow you to submit your site to them and have it posted on their site for a short period of time. While some think this is a useful exercise, professionals will cite it is an exercise in futility. There are no benefits in posting to those sites.

Evaluating a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart
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The objective of any shopping cart or e-commerce system is to allow visitors to shop on a business site for products they want. Not all search engines are created equal with equal capabilities. Some search engines are able to navigate through dynamic sites while others are not. Sometimes the search engines that are able to navigate through dynamic sites have problems indexing and navigating through the entire site.

Developing Your Cyber-Marketing Plan

Before You Begin:

Determine what marketing information prospects need

Brainstorm all information you have available for your customers/clients. Consider the value a customer may find in the information you plan to provide and determine the information’s worthiness. Not all information is really worthy of passing on to the customer/client. The “rule of thumb” here is to provide the top three to five most important pieces of information. Providing more than that would either overwhelm the customer or drive the customer away.

Pros and Cons of Marketing on the Internet

The Internet brings a great number of businesses an opportunity to grow and increase revenues. Home-based businesses have cropped up left and right with the promise that the Internet can be an easy way to earn an income. Over the past nine years there have been success stories and stories of absolute failure. Like anything, marketing on the Internet has its pros and cons; knowing them can help your business succeed.

How Small Businesses Can Advertise Online With Search Engines

All businesses require marketing and the most important aspect of marketing for any business on the Internet is through the search engines. Search engines produce approximately eighty percent of all traffic to a web site. Because of this fact, marketing through the search engines has to be a priority for all businesses. Small businesses typically do not have the marketing or advertising budgets required to compete with businesses with larger budgets.

Reasons Why Your Web Pages Are Not Indexed by Search Engines

Many reasons exist as to why your site is not indexed in a particular search engine. I will discuss a few of the reasons why your site is not indexed. The majority of the reasons focus upon design techniques.

Blue Links – Assumed, or Actual Norm?

Many people take it that links should either be graphics or left to the default colors. Years of debate have existed because of this theory. Essentially the theory is correct, but misunderstood. Let me explain how this theory became the rule.

Reader Response to Search Engines and Font Tags

In a recent SEO Corner, a reader asked Shari Thurow how search engines are affected by various body elements. Web designer Lee Roberts offers some additional comments to her response.