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Lee Marc Stein heads his own direct marketing strategy and creative services firm. The consultancy contributes to its clients’ profitable growth through sound marketing and test plans, creative development and execution, database and media maximization, and customer nurturing programs. Lee works with all size companies in both consumer and business markets. Contact Lee at 631 724-3765, lmstein@optonline.net, or through http://www.leemarcstein.com/.

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Opening Gambits For Direct Mailings

Think of getting people to respond to direct mail as a chess match. If you don’t apply the opening gambit on time or in the right way, the match is lost. The opening gambit in mail is, of course, getting readers inside the envelope – and doing it in a way that enhances the probability of response.

The Gospel on Apostle Marketing

It’s the art of identifying your highest-potential customers… nurturing that potential… motivating and empowering this “Golden 5%” to preach positive about your company… and capitalizing on their work.

Weighing Risk and Reward

For years, one of my favorite quotes has been “you can’t steal second base with one foot on first.” Too many direct marketing users don’t understand the risk involved in keeping their feet on first base; they see only the risk of stealing second. An even higher percentage of direct marketers don’t seem to understand the risk of not swinging for the home run occasionally. Let’s look at a few specific cases in which the risk vs. reward axes are warped.

Context Is Everything

We’re working on a media kit and collateral material for an internet company looking to boost its advertising substantially. The company has done extremely well for advertisers (mostly dr advertisers) on a cost per click basis. One reason for its success is that the user/consumer chooses this navigation tool – it isn’t embedded in some other software – and it isn’t spyware.

Negative Creative

There are almost as many direct response marketers against using negative appeals and copy as there are against using humor. It wasn’t always that way. In the 70s and 80s, you’d see a pretty fair number of headlines/envelope teasers/Johnson boxes with lines like:

The Whys and Hows of Prospect/Customer Qualification

“Junk Mail” could well be defined as mail that’s not relevant. Well, there’s still too much junk mail abounding. So being relevant is of increasing relevance. It’s in our own best financial interests, in the best interests of our prospects and clients… and in the best interests of our environment.

21 Truths About Generating Qualified Leads

Over the past 35 years, I have been involved in the development and deployment of scores of business-to-business lead generation programs. Here are the 21 most significant truths I’ve learned.

20 Make It or Break It Direct Marketing Questions

Testing is a more important factor in direct marketing success than ever. Why?

  • Increased pressures on revenue expansion while holding expense budgets steady.
  • More rapid changes in the marketplace that can be monitored by testing.
  • Greater choices about media and combinations of media, types of offers, creative strategies and executions
  • 12 Steps to Better E-Mail Marketing

    The number is no coincidence. The allusion is, of course, to addiction recovery programs. E-mail is abused by “innocent” people, just as alcohol, drugs and food are. Obviously, e-mail abuse does not bear the same dire consequences.

    Getting and Keeping Customers in the Age of Disbelief

    We’re in the “Age of Disbelief.” That means you CANNOT do whatever it takes to get through to prospects and customers.

    Deception is verboten. It’s not the way to start and build long-term relationships, and the consumer’s radar will detect the deception… and more likely than not, government and media scrutiny will mete out justice.

    Eight Copy Glitches That Dry-Gulch Results

    Most direct response writers have learned the importance of presenting benefits instead of listing features, of asking for response, and of positioning the product or service they’re promoting. Many, however, commit less publicized sins of commission and omission which can be equally harmful to response.

    Achieving Involvement: Wiles and Devices for Lifting Direct Mail Response

    One of the definitions of “involve” is “to bring into a situation from which escape is difficult.” That’s exactly what we want our direct mail packages to do. We want to hook the recipient to open the package, keep his/her attention, and show that the only means of escape is to place an order.

    Five Keys to Direct Marketing Success

    Direct marketing can help virtually every type and size of business today. But making it work is becoming more difficult as an increasing number of businesses embrace it. How can you succeed in using direct marketing to help your business? For starters, focus on these five keys to direct marketing success.

    Lee Marc Stein Answers Direct Marketing Questions

    You can’t fake direct marketing expertise. Everything you do is quantifiable; every decision has an impact on short- and long-term profitability. If you’re seeking an expert’s opinion, get the benefit of Lee’s 35+ years of experience. He’s been on the client and agency sides and has run his own consulting practice for 10 years.