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Lee Gould , President of Rocketrainer (http://www.rocketrainer.com) a revolutionary web based athletic coaching ASP. Lee does database architecture and development consulting for Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. Lee is a co-author of Transact SQL Programming published by O'Reilly and has been a database professional for over 14 years, working on Wall Street for 7 years. Lee holds an MBA from Seton Hall University.

Considerations For a Portal Site with Search Engine Presence

A client of mine is developing a large portal site using Oracle 9i AS and has asked me whether this program will have any effect on the search engine presence that their site already maintains. Can you tell me whether there are any issues I have to consider in optimising this site for the search engines (above the normal considerations) and what limitations the software might bring in this area.

Many thanks indeed for any help you can give.
Yours faithfully
Rachel S.

Inputting A Text File Into SQL Server Using T-SQL

Question: Is it possible to input a text file into SQL Server using T-SQL?

Small Business Server and e-Commerce Capacity

Question: I’m a partner (one of six) in a small business and am trying to deploy our web site with an attendant web-based application (survey data collection and reporting). The system is being designed in Java and is using SQL Server as the back-end. We were thinking of launching this on a box running MS Small Business Server 2000 (as it would then also obviate a number of other small business software needs, such as email with Exchange server, internet security, etc.). Is this deployment strategy reasonable? Does SBS handle enough anonymous TCP/IP connections to do e-commerce where we don’t know how many people my be trying to connect to our database to buy stuff?

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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