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How to Install and Configure a Forum
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Once you’ve built your website, you might like to offer your visitors an opportunity to interact with it, and to talk to you and each other without having to use email. Forums are absolutely ideal for this purpose.

PHP: Easy Dynamic Websites

PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web, and the reason for that is how easy it makes it to create dynamic websites quickly.

Python and Ruby: the Newer Alternatives

Thanks to the nature of open source, almost anyone can write a programming language and get a significant number of people to use it: and plenty of people have.

Taking HTML Further with Javascript

Once you’ve built your HTML pages, you might need them to do something a little more interactive on the client-side (that is, in the visitor’s web browser).

Perl: Cryptic Power

Perl is, let’s face it, a programming language for people who know programming.

VBScript: Javascript Made Easy

VBScript is a web language for inserting into HTML documents. It’s a lot like Java, but is easier to write thanks to its Visual Basic-like code.

IIS and ASP: Microsoft’s Server

Despite Microsoft’s dominance of everything to do with computers, their web server software sits on a relatively low 20% market share, thanks to the popularity of Apache.

JSP: Java on Your Server

JSP stands for Java Server Pages. The idea of JSP is to allow Java code to be embedded in HTML – this is done uising XML tags.

ColdFusion: Quicker Scripting, at a Price

ColdFusion is a rapid application development language for the web, developed by Macromedia.

Always-On Networks Created with a Wireless Router

If you’re using a wireless network with Windows’ built-in Internet Connection Sharing, you’re probably quite happy with it — but there’s a problem.