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Amazon Options New Sci-Fi Thriller “Orbit” Amazon Options New Sci-Fi Thriller “Orbit”

Aliens are coming to Earth. The fate of the world depends on a small band of people who must fight the battle of their lives. At least, that’s what the first draft says anyway. Amazon has optioned a new science-fiction …

Fugitive French Nanny Gets “Frisky” on Facebook
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She took their hearts when they took her in. Trust isn’t the only thing missing for some victims now. Childrens’ piggy banks ransacked, credit and debit cards stolen.  One teacher says both she and her family may never be the same …

Jeffrey Tambor to Play Transgender Parent in Amazon’s Pilot “Transparent”
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Chances are you’ve seen him if you’ve ever watched a movie or TV show.  A lovable corporate criminal.  An amoral defense attorney.  A psychotic doctor. These are but a few roles in the eclectic career of character actor, Jeffrey Tambor.  …

Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie “Bring it” to Broadcast TV
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Drop a challenge? Leave it up to funny man pundit Stephen Colbert to lay down a gauntlet. During an episode of the Colbert Report, a popular late-night cable show, he paired up with British actor Sir Hugh Laurie for an …

“Real Housewives” star facing 50 Years in Prison

Federal fraud. Tax evasion. Jail. It’s the real-life reality for one of television’s most infamous “hotty” housewives. Some law enforcement officials say years of real-life prison time could possibly await her. “Teresa and Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Giudice have been indicted on …

Coen Brothers to Produce New “Fargo” TV Series

Movie moguls Joel and Ethan Coen are at it once more. But for the first time, it’s for television. Famous for such favorites as “The Big Lebowski,” and “No Country for Old Men,” the Coens are set to produce a …