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Using SSI’s to Ease Site Maintenance

Before building a site, every webmaster has to make a decision on what layout method to use. Most seem to go with either a frame or a table-based layout, the latter being more popular in these days.

Keeping Your Pop-Ups – and Your Audience

In “Why Pop-Ups are Pop-Bad”, we looked at the pitfalls of pop-up advertising, the most significant of them being the way Internet surfers feel about pop-ups. As I mentioned in that previous article, when you use pop-ups, you take the risk of your visitor count suffering and the reputation of your site being damaged. Despite that, many use pop-ups on their sites for a variety of reasons and are reluctant to cease using an advertising method they feel to be effective.

Why Pop-Ups are Pop-Bad

Not too long ago, seeing a pop-up ad appear meant that you were either on a page that distributed illegal software or looking at something that isn’t suitable for the eyes of under 18-year-olds. Back then, pop-ups were seen as an annoying but inseparable part of the Web’s dark side. However, encountering them while visiting larger and more reputable Web sites was something that only a small amount of people could even dream about.

Building Printer Friendly Pages

Your site looks like it’s working perfectly. You’ve tested it with several different browsers under various resolutions. The HTML complies with the standards and your CSS is impeccable.

Building an E-mail Address Database

E-mail marketing works, there’s no denying it. Its key advantage over other Internet marketing methods is that it enables you to contact the customer instead of forcing the customer to contact you. This ability is especially useful when something that your customers need to know as soon as possible has happened. Whether you’ve just released a new product or decided to cut your prices by 10%, the fastest way to spread the word is via E-mail.

However, unless you want to give your company a bad name, you can’t simply start sending E-mails to people that haven’t agreed to receive them. The only ethical and reasonable way to advertise via E-mail is to first obtain a permission, or an opt-in request, from the receiver. The trouble is that this can’t be done via E-mail, as it would be similar to asking someone whether you can ask them a question. What’s the point in doing that, when you’ve already done what you wanted them to allow you to do?

What Killed The Banner Ad?

If you ask the Internet marketers of today, many if not most of them will tell you that banner advertising is dead. They say that it’s expensive, the click-through rates are low and that unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it is likely that you’ll end up spending more money than you’ll make.

Advanced 404 Pages

In a previous article, I discussed the advantages of using a customized 404 error page on your site and gave instructions on how to create one. As I explained back then, these pages are highly useful because they enable you to benefit from traffic that would otherwise be lost. They however do have one dark side that can make maintaining your site significantly more difficult than what it has been before.

Increase Traffic With a News Service

In the age of Internet and mobile phones, the world moves and changes faster than ever before. Trying to keep up with the latest developments related to one’s area of expertise or favorite hobby can be an overwhelming task. To manage it, we are turning to newspapers, TV stations and yes, web sites, to provide us with everything we need to know.

Use 404 Pages to Your Advantage

“Not found The requested URL /file.html was not found on this server. Apache/1.3.14 Server at www.yourdomain.com Port 80″

Does that look familiar?