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Laura Quarantiello is the author of "Cyber Crime How to Protect Yourself From Computer Criminals" More information at http://www.tiare.com/cyber.htm
Phishing – For You!

They call it “phishing” – trolling for information using spam, trying to catch — you, or rather, your identity. A recent survey estimated that 7 million adults in the U.S. were victims of identity theft, a 79% increase over last year. Although identity theft is mostly practiced off-line the online world is experiencing this crime at an increased rate.


Tired of flying economy. Sick of peanuts and terrible in-flight movies? Desperate for a little legroom? Then maybe it’s time you moved up to Business Class.


There’s no reason to be out of touch in the air. Just ask United Airlines Passengers, who now have the ability to plug in their laptops at 35,000 feet and enjoy instant messages, online games and up-to-the-minute news reports. United has inaugurated “JetConnect,” Verizon Airfone’s new in-flight data service, on many of its flights. Up to 46 passengers can simultaneously connect their laptops to the JetConnect service through onboard Verizon Airfone handsets.

Computer Virus Warning Signs

If you’re conversant with computer code, looking at the actual strings of code in a suspect program can help spot suspicious or out of place commands. But even if don’t know your way around codes it may help to look at the contents of a data file anyway. Strange messages are commonly inserted by virus writers and can be read within the code. Look at a data file with a word processing program and search for these.

ON GUARD – Got Street Smarts? part 2

The Red Zone (up to 5 feet away), Yellow Zone (to 15 ft) and Blue Zone (15 plus) were mentioned in Part One of this series. People run into trouble in the street because they react only when someone enters their red zone, and by then it’s usually too late to avoid or escape the problem. We need to widen our view to encompass everything from zero to 20 feet and beyond and give it all equal study. Unfortunately the mind cannot assimilate too many visual clues. Only what is closest – in the Yellow and Red zones – gets the most study. Consequently, we only notice threats when they’ve gotten too close to detour around and by then it may be too late to take any action.

ON GUARD – Fraud Finder (Part 1)

So you think you’re too smart to get taken by a con artist? Think again, because con artists take very smart people just as easily and often as anyone else. Cons and frauds come in every size, shape and color imaginable. But there are several basic “tried and true” cons, which are still being perpetrated that everyone should be aware of. Here’s one of them:

ON GUARD! The Oldest Scam

You’ve seen the ads in newspapers, magazines – even on the Internet: “Get paid to stuff envelopes!” It seems the ultimate work- at-home opportunity. You figure it can’t be a scam because you see these ads all the time. Someone must know something you don’t; someone must be making money stuffing envelopes. Should you try it?