About Larisa Thomason

Larisa Thomason is Senior Web Analyst, Specializing in Accessibility at http://www.NetMechanic.com a leading developer of online maintenance, monitoring and promotion services that has "tuned up" over 32 million Web pages. She can be reached at larisa.thomason@netmechanic.com. Learn more about NetMechanic tools at www.netmechanic.com.
Analyzing Web Site Traffic

Who is visiting your Web site? What browsers do they use? Where do they go in the site? What pages do they look at? Your Web server log files contain the answers to these questions and more. Once you start using your server log information, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Optimize Images for Quick Loading

Is a picture worth a thousand words? On a Web page, it can be worth substantially more in download time.

Few visitors are willing to stare at an empty screen for 10-20 seconds while your graphic image loads. They’re far more likely to leave your site entirely.