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Preventing Pain Caused By Long Periods of Computer Use

If you use a computer for much of your day you MUST take steps to prevent the crippling pain this can cause. The first thing to consider is the correct (ergonomic) set-up of your computer desk and chair.

Colours: Don’t Make Them Play Vanishing Tricks With Your Text

The following tips will help make sure you don’t inadvertently make your page, or part of your page, invisible to visitors:

Some Tips on How to Deal With Rejection

Rejections hurt–and every editor knows this. They all try to be tactful, but with their workloads increasing every year they no longer have time to help a writer whose manuscript would take up months of their time to get right. So these days the chances are that, instead of a personal letter, you’ll receive a photocopied rejection that isn’t dated and doesn’t address you by name or mention the title of the rejected manuscript, let alone have a proper signature at the end of it. I’m not sure whether this will increase your hurt or lessen it. I had been receiving rejections for years before I started receiving this type of thing.

An Outdated Grammar Rule: The Subjunctive. Let’s trash it!

How many times as a child was I puzzled when a singular pronoun suddenly turned plural. Why, I wondered, should it be “If I were you?”

Well, it’s simply because we’re in the subjunctive mood.