About Lance Spitzner

Lance Spitzner is currently an active member of the Honeynet Project http://project.honeynet.org/. He enjoys learning by blowing up systems in his home lab. Before this, he was an Tanker in the Rapid Deployment Force, where he blew up things of a different nature. You can reach him at lance@honeynet.org.
Armoring Solaris

Firewalls are one of the fastest growing technical tools in the field of information security. However, a firewall is only as secure as the operating system it resides upon. This article is a continuation of the original Armoring Solaris article, focusing on building a minimized Solaris 8 64-bit for CheckPoint FW-1 NG firewall. This article does not include an updated script for the automated securing of the new installation, as there was in Armoring Solaris. Instead, we will be using Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS). This is a new tool developed and released by Sun for the secure deployment of the Solaris platform. In otherwords, I’m not going to develop a tool to automate the secure build since that tool is already out there.