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Student Teacher Obama Debate Caught on YouTube

At North Rowan High School in Spencer, NC a teacher refuses to let a student “Disrespect President Obama”. Let’s check out the classroom in this YouTube clip. The Fact of the Day was “Did you know Mit Romney was a bully in high school?” (I can only assume the teacher gives some sort of current events fact everyday), which is …

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Online Auction Sells Babe Ruth Jersey for Record High

There is a new leader in the clubhouse for most expensive sports memorabilia ever. Babe Ruth’s 1920 New York Yankee road baseball jersey was sold for $4,415,658. The auction was held by LeLands.com. LeLands.com specializes in sports, American memorabilia vintage photos and Rock ‘n’ Roll. It is the oldest game jersey known today. The jersey is from the first season …

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Olympic Torches on eBay

Apparently the Olympics are more than just a time to show pride in one’s country. British Olympic torchbearers are selling the torches for a profit of up to $237,000 on eBay. 8,000 people were chosen to be torchbearers because of contributions to their communities, according to the AFP. The Olympic torch is a symbol of purity and is being turned …

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MTV Turning 2012 Election into a Fantasy Game

Who doesn’t love fantasy football? Everybody has a team these days, even my grandma. But imagine a fantasy game where instead of having a roster of Manning, Peterson and Fitzgerald you have one of Obama, Boehner and McConnell. That’s what MTV along with $250,000 from The Knight Foundation is creating, a fantasy football like election game. A player enters a …

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