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Secrets to Better Time Management

Why is it that the Bill Gate’s of this world are rich and famous? What secret do they know that the rest of us don’t? If you study their lives closely, you’ll discover the rich and famous have certain habits that attribute to their success. Successful people are very careful about how they spend their time. No matter how you slice it, we all have 24 hours in a day, so the key lies in learning to use our time wisely. Below are some ways you can dramatically increase your productivity through more effective use of your time.

5 Ways to Make a Difference with your Business

Entrepreneurs are blessed with the incredible gift of being to choose their own destiny. The question is what will you choose? I believe that the secret to living an abundant life is to start from a place of abundance and give generously to the world. As W.H. Auden once said, “We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”

Why should we seek to live for something greater than ourselves? It’s the right thing to do, the secret to true happiness, and it’s good for BUSINESS. You heard it right! When we live for a higher purpose, it will help you succeed in EVERY endeavor from your business to your personal life.

The 1-2-3 Guide Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to build awareness for your company and products. A well-written press release can get your name in front of hundreds of potential customers and help build a reputation for your company in the business community. Here are the basics on how to write an effective press release for your company.

Joint Ventures: The Power of Partnership

When two people join forces, there’s a certain synergy that takes place, that’s why many ebusiness folks are seeking out joint ventures. What IS a joint venture (JV for short) you ask? Basically it’s when you agree to form a partnership and jointly promote someone.

Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer
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In many ways, working with a web developer can be likened to trying out a new hair stylist. While at work, you notice that your friend has a trendy new hairstyle. Excited at the thought of a new look, you ask them for the stylist’s name. Trusting your friend’s recommendation implicitly, you call Fi Fi’s House of Style to book an appointment.

Win ‘em Over with Contests

Looking for a sure fire way to promote your business? Contest are a fun and highly effective way to promote your business. People LOVE winning things, so what better way than a contest to gain new customers.

Taming the Small Business Beast

The entrepreneurial life yes THAT’S the life for me. Being your own boss can afford you the freedom to work when you please, do what you want, and spend more time with your family. It’s true, owning a small business can be a dream come true, or a nightmare if you let it be. There are untold dangers to be had with owning a business. Without careful and deliberate attention, a business that was once designed to suit your needs may easily turn on you like a growling fearsome creature that keeps you trapped in the corner. How do you tame the small business beast?

How to Research on the Net

When you sit down to write, whether it be a short article or a full blown ebook, it’s smart to research your topic thoroughly before you begin. Even when you are writing about a topic that you are familiar with research will uncover recent news, developments, tools, techniques, and statistics. This information can shed new light on your topic and add a higher level of interest to your writing. I find it helpful to hunt down information in the search engines, article directories, and in resource sites. Below are my top resources for researching.

If You Can’t Beat Them. . . Join Them!

What do Internet marketers Rick Beneteau, Jim Daniels, and Marlon Sanders, and Mark Enlow have in common? They have all made their personal fortunes as authors of top-selling ebooks!

Systems for Success

Did you put on plays when you were a kid? I know I did, and when it was time to put on a play, we put some serious planning into its production. In fact, my brothers and I had a system of sorts for pulling it all together. We would fashion some theatre tickets, carefully choose costumes from mom and dad’s closet, and color a play program for our guests. I think the planning was as much fun as the performance. As I have enjoyed greater success in business, those same system-creating skills have become a valuable asset. Systems can take the drudgery out of work, making your business run more efficiently.

What Now? How to Get Traffic After Site Launch

So many of my clients ask “what can I do to get traffic to my web site”? Well, if you are a business executive at a Fortune 500 company you would have a number of ways you could spend your corporate budget to drive traffic. But what if you are a little guy who is just starting out? Are there affordable ways to drive traffic? Sure there are! And here are a few:

10 Winning Ways to Promote your Online Business

You’ve got your website built, it’s got all the gizmos and gadgets, and your website is “live” on the server. Now what? How do you get customers to your site? You can register with the search engines and directories. There are several good services out there to choose from. How else can you market your website to make it stand above the crowd? Here’s some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Building a Passive Income

Every online dream begins with the vision of opening your email box and “like magic” the money comes rolling in. It’s true — building a passive income is your key to earning more money without working harder. While it’s unlikely you’ll earn millions overnight, building a passive income is a smart way to supplement your existing income. Here are some ideas for how you can build an automatic income source for your online business.

Tapping Into the Power of Testimonials


Simply said testimonials SELL! In fact, testimonials have been known to increase sales by 250% or more! The Internet is a very impersonal medium. People trust people! The more you can do to “humanize” your web site the more likely potential customers will want to do business with you. Testimonials “speak” to potential customers in a honest, believable way.

Dazzle your Visitors with a Dynamic Home Page

From the moment a visitor arrives, your front page conveys a feeling to your visitor. From the look of your site, the wording, and the colors you use, your home page projects a message to your potential customer about who you are. First impressions are lasting. It’s very important for your site to project an image of professionalism and invite the visitor to want to know more by gaining the reader’s attention, capturing their interest, creating desire, and calling them to action.

Secrets to Savvy Press Kits


Press kits aren’t just for big corporations anymore. Whatever your line of business, be it an entrepreneur, a performer (musicians, artists), or an author (books/ebooks) you need a press kit. But what exactly is a press kit you ask? A press kit is like a resume for your company. It’s a collection of company information and articles put together to inspire interest from media, investors, clients, and potential employees. The goal is to create a press kit that grabs the reader’s attention, creates a killer impression, helps them remember you, and makes them hunger to know more.

How to Rank High in the Search Engines: An Interview with Robin Nobles

One of the best ways to build traffic is to improve your search engine rankings. I learned my tricks from one of the best, Robin Nobles, the Director of Training for the The Academy of Web Specialists http://www.academywebspecialists.com/.

7 “Dip your Toe” Ways to Prove Value and Capture the Sale!

One of the problems you face when marketing your product on the Internet is that the whole transaction is based on trust and proving value. Your web site plays the crucial role of presenting what you are about, why clients need you, how you can help them, and to build trust.

The Entrepreneurial Edge

Some would say that big business has it made; I on the other hand believe that there will always be a special place for the little business guy. Entrepreneurs have an edge over their bigger competitors. So while the Amazon’s of the world are struggling to break even from their multi billion-dollar overheads, the smaller Dot coms are already realizing profits. What advantages do the “little” guys have in the marketplace? Below is how to “think like a startup” and realize greater success.

The Golden Rules of Customer Service

Everything I know about customer service I learned from working at McDonalds as a teenager. Hard to believe, but true! In this day of highly competitive cyber business, the companies that will succeed will be those that offer superior customer service. The value of a lifetime customer is immeasurable. So once you get a customer, how do you keep him? The answer is killer customer service! Here are some of the secrets that have made McDonalds the success it is today!

Sensational Email Signatures Made Simple

How would you like a tireless salesperson working 24/7 to promote your business? An email signature does just that, yet people often fail to add a signature to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

Delegate your Way to Greater Success

Dreamy eyed, passion filled new business owners are committed to doing whatever it takes to get your new business off the ground. As an unstoppable one-man-band, you find yourself playing the roles of sales person, order taker, order fulfillment, customer service, accounting, and management. But as your business grows, there will undoubtedly, be more to running the business than you had anticipated. To keep up, you’ll put in more time, and wind up so busy working “in” your business that you’ll no longer have the necessary time you need to work “on” building your business. In order to move beyond start up phase to a more mature solid business, it’s crucial to break this vicious cycle. So what is an overworked, overstressed business owner to do? The key to creating more time is to delegate! In the first of a four part series, “Ramping up for Success” we’ll discuss how to delegate your way to greater success!