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Usability Consultant, Kimberly Krause Berg, is the owner of UsabilityEffect.com, Cre8pc.com, and Cre8asiteForums. Her background in organic search engine optimization, combined with web site usability consulting, offers unique insight into web site development.
SEM Includes Giving The People What They Want
My friends at digital-telepathy passed something along to me for a look and a laugh. Turns out, it’s an interesting illustration of search engine optimization and a web design shooting blanks. The site is optimized but someone forgot to consider how to target it for customers, not just search engines. In addition, the design isn’t responding to one of the most popular reasons someone would go to the site.

In the writeup, called Search+ :: It’s All In The Grinds, the story goes that, upon hearing the office call for a Starbucks run, an office employee decided to order something different from Starbucks. He went to search for the Starbucks website to see what he could order differently. He writes,

Usability and SEM Virtual Education Opportunities
Learn from your living room or heck, just stay in bed. The following are some educational and information opportunties coming up in the user centered design, human factors and search marketing industries.

Human Factors

Even the Target Market Has Days Off
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My husband, Eric, has been looking at me funny. He gazes at me all the time and I hate being stared at. Being mean as usual, I make him stop. Last weekend, I realized he’s been looking at me with a strange look in his eyes that I couldn’t intrepret. I’m mean, so last weekend I asked him why he keeps giving me weird looks.

He replied, “Because I’m not sure which Kim is present, so I’m looking harder to see who’s there.”

I laughed, because I don’t know either.

Who Says Usability Isn’t Funny?

Usability and user centered designers, and those passionate about user behavior for everything from Internet applications, to search engines, to products you use everyday, sometimes come across as control freaks, anal retentive, irritating, boring, and demanding.

Why Does Marketing Hate Usability?

I hate to admit this because it feels selfish and I don’t want to appear like a usability activist. But. It secretly bothers me when I see conferences or seminars on website marketing that don’t offer a session on user centered design. I always wonder why this is. Is usability that scary?

SMM and My Couch

Once a upon a time there were 6000 search engines that were free, you submitted pages to them, you could battle for rank by tweaking meta descriptions and title tags, hit refresh, toast your triumph and call it a day.

Will We Know it When You Leave?

Someone I met on the Internet went M.I.A. He recently turned up again, to explain he had been in a serious accident in which he suffered a life threatening injury.

Still Banging Your Head Over Browser Resolutions?

If so, you’re not alone. Three of the current top discussions at Cre8asiteforums are on the topic of web page resolution.

Celebrating Website Mistakes

I met a lovely reader today, who responded to seeing my blog post yesterday on accessbility. I wrote about the topic not as expert, but as a student.

Accessibility: Seeing is Believing

I was thrilled to see Matt Bailey interview Lee Laughlin in his accessbility blog. I know Lee as well, and instantly liked her.

One Alt Attribute at a Time

It’s so easy to forget the universe extends past our own elbows. I was trying to recall when I first became interested in website accessibility, and I can’t remember.

Done With Digg, Sadly

Ah, the raw, unyielding power of Web 2.0. My friend, Lee Odden, learned his Top Rank blog site was banned from Digg. He discovered this unceremoniously and is justifiably angry.

Danny Said it Too!

For those who stuck their fingers in their ears and loudly sang “La, La, La, La, La” while reading my Why Does Time Magazine’s Choice of “You” Bother Me?, I bet you will get with the program because Danny Sullivan wrote about online user behavior too.

SEO – Does it Wreck the Customer Experience?

At the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference held earlier this month, two themes were repeated in various ways by different panels of speakers that I felt were strong messages to keep in mind.

Nightmares in Usability

I’ve been having an entertaining and slightly heated conversation with someone who insists that forums, such as the one I founded, are hotbeds of bad information.

SES Day 3 Ends on Surprise Note

I’ve arrived home from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2006. We snuck out of the hotel at 8:20 am while it was still quiet and empty of the hordes of people from what appeared to be two conferences going on there.

SES Day Two: Brunch and Friends

For about five minutes this morning, when my cell phone alarm clock went off, I started to talk myself out of attending the Keynote talk with Danny Sullivan and Netscape General Manager, Jason McCabe Calacanis.

Design, Trust, and Peekaboo

I always liked that line, “If you want to capture someone’s attentionwhisper.” It makes you stop and think for a minute. Another line I swore was my personal tagline in my dating years was, “Once bitten, twice shy.” Both of these can be applied to user centered web design.

New Search Engine Marketing Certification Choices

As demand increases for skilled workers in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries, more educational options have become accessible during 2006. The latest option is called “Certification Pathways”, offered by the Search Engine College

Design, SEO, and Usability Laws?
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You read and hear it all the time. Somebody tells you to do something a certain way because it’s the only correct way.

Where are the Women Bloggers in the Tech Industry?
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Periodically this question pops up.

Do Not Drop Your Web Site Off the Search Engine Cliff

If you’ve been feeling like Tom Cruise climbing up the side of some remote jagged mountain in the blazing hot sun and concerned you’re facing “mission impossible”, chances are you own a web site.