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Social Media is Like Woodstock on the Net

I caught this statement in a discussion elsewhere. It went something like, “I don’t think people over 40 get social media, whereas kids love it.” Having seen this sentiment mentioned before, I thought I’d express my feelings on the matter.

I’m 50 years old. I get the whole social media gig. It’s like Woodstock on the ‘Net, where people gather together for several minutes, days, weeks, months and years to hang out, talk, share, listen to music, run around naked and slide in the mud.

Is the SEM Industry Headed Toward Hostility?

Some time last year I realized my association with the search engine optimization and marketing industry might change because the atmosphere was getting partisan. Bad feelings between leaders were festering and it didn’t take much of a nudge to start a rumble.

The situation isn’t improving and I wonder why. Case in point is a recent bit of flap over an article that went out by someone well respected, which in hindsight was an error in judgment. Apologies have been made but it won’t end there because something has drastically shifted in the industry.

If Your’re Not Following the Conferences
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Apologies in advance to my friends who are “working” in Las Vegas and Chicago at the two popular search engine marketing conferences and one user experience show – all going on this week. I’m at home, all warm and cozy and haven’t yet had to race to a press room or freak out over a dead laptop battery. Sheer heaven.

For those of us who stayed home…

Designing For The Human Experience

This year hasn’t been one of my favorites. It’s been “The Year of Pondering My Navel”. Or, perhaps, the “Year of Unraveling”. If you earn your living connected to the Internet, this year went by in 1.3 minutes flat.

I Didn’t Ever Buy Into Google’s Page Rank Score

I may be a minority squeak in the thunderous outcry from the search engine marketing industry towards Google and their sudden, unexplained mass drop in “PR score” applied to web sites. I never bought into the hype over PR scores.

Regardless of all the reasons to jump on the scoring bandwagon as a way to determine web site value, I refused on the grounds that I wanted genuine worth, not forced.

Woodstock to Social Media
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I was eleven years old and living on a horse farm when Woodstock was held the summer of 1969. My friends and I were surprisingly aware of world news and events because of the music from that time. We knew people had strong opinions because we could sing them.

Social Network for Usability Professionals
A new networking community called Catalyze.org has made its debut. In Beta, its niche is the usability industry, specifically business analysts and user experience professionals. Anyone involved in web site design will find something of interest there.

What’s it Mean When A Facebook App is Sold?
I should begin by clearly stating I’m no legal expert, application developer or feeling overly paranoid (oh shut up!). However, my travels today led me to discover something I wasn’t aware of before.

Facebook applications can be sold by their creators.

3 Social Networking Sites You May Not Know About
There’s a place for everyone on the Internet. Meeting other people just like you has never been easier and so ridiculously difficult at the same time. There are so many social networking websites that I feel like I’m standing in a corn field.

Three More

These sites are all attractive and ready for you to check them out.

The Influence of a Social Media Internet
If you believe that social media begins and ends with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Sphinn, that rock you’re living underneath must be cozy. If you assume social web sites are all about eye candy and juicy talk, you may be right.

Usability Reviews Verify Good Work

While on a plane heading home from a conference I happened to meet the mother of a Human Factors employee for a well-known global Internet software company. As we chatted, she noted that when I spoke of my work, she could tell I wasn’t the critical type.

She’s a human behavior specialist. In her practice, she helps people who have suffered trauma. There’s a way that you listen. A way you offer support. I realized she was paying me a huge compliment if she noticed something about me and how I conveyed bad news to my clients.

Mike Grehan Reloads on Universal Search

Rebecca Lieb announced the newly redesigned Clickz site. This rollout honors ten years of loyal service to the web design community. The look is clean and organized better. Avoid mousing around the header, however, unless you want to view a show or be pounced on with unannounced PDF files.

SEM Bogus for Sites That Don’t Function
While there are bugs in the Beta version of Sphinn, that doesn’t seem to be stopping search engine marketers from racing over to try Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn.com I visited twice and haven’t joined because I’m disappointed there’s no place for me there.

The Rise, Fall & Rise Again of Threadwatch
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. One way to know for sure you live on the Internet is to launch a site and then take it down. The moment you announce that you’re moving on is when you suddenly learn that what you had going was appreciated and even loved.

Links, Accessibility & Endings
This is a running around the room post. Some may call it a recap or roundup. I call it a “brain dump” or Kim’s blog torture. Take your pick.

Search Engines Afraid of Committment
I recently read a story on relationships that came to mind today as a possible way to understand why search engines are desperately spending Millions and Billions in Acquisitions.

The story was about a man who met a woman on a plane and they got to talking about relationships.

Hanging with SEOs, Penalized on Digg
It occurred me this week, after seeing my old rant against Digg still pulling in traffic to this blog, that I would be nice and just act normal for once. I’d write a humorous 10 Tips article on usability and see if it inspired any Diggs. Maybe this time I’d have a positive experience because I swear all my friends just rave about the place.

Slawski & Baker Chat with Mike McDonald

“It’s my blog,” Bill Slawski says, towards the end of a debate about blog ethics and the possibility of adhering to a Code of Ethics. The interview of Bill Slawski and Loren Baker by Webpronews’ Mike McDonald features two discussions. One is on local search and the other, blog ethics.

Companies Need Creative Hiring Solutions
I just took a web design survey. It took me less than four minutes, if that, thanks to the multiple choice options and easy questions. What slowed me down was the chance to speak up about women, driving long distances to work and single parenting.

Looking Back at SES NYC 2007

My favorite part of working at a Search Engine Strategies Conference is writing about the sights and sounds later. My experience is different from many of the stories told because I don’t attend private parties or stay out all night drinking (the proper term for both is “professional networking”, of course.)

SES – SEO Women Lunch
Not a walk in the park. Day 3 of the NYC SES conference is the day that a Women in SEO luncheon gathering took place a few blocks from the hotel. It was invite only, which meant I got to go because I’m a woman. Nothing else special. Like an engagement over TV or anything.

SES – Ms. Dewey Charges Into Keynote Discussion
I had it on good authority that Ms Dewey was on the premises this morning at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in NYC. My source knew I’d want to be warned because my husband Eric was with me, and Ms Dewey has been known to be quite the entertainment in our house.

Designing for the Mature
If you believe we remain 21 years old forever, you would be wrong. (I’m sorry!) If you design web pages for only young people, such as your springy step, toned, 20-20 vision self, you are missing out on a huge number of prospects.

Interesting report from Human Factors International: Designing for “mature” users

Social Media – Is it a Form of Hysteria?
If you want to know if social media traffic is worthwhile, or not, I recommend attending the free online Social Media: Should You Digg It? class. I sat in on today’s presentation and found it informative and insightful, especially when Matt Bailey delivered his statistical information.